Recycling Your Materials

Most people understand the motivation behind moving to a more green lifestyle. At the end of the day, it isn’t much about politics — it is recognizing the privilege of inhabiting the earth. This manifests in different ways, from having the willingness to be active when the time calls for it — picking up trash, investing in sources of renewable energy, and more.  As such, we as a society have made incredible progress when it comes to learning our effect on the earth and taking steps towards conservation. We recycle our food waste to make compost, thus returning natural resources into the soil; we recycle our paper and plastics, helping to minimize the damage done to our oceans through reckless dumping; we even recycle our possessions by taking them to donation centers across the country, giving our things a chance at a second life in the hands of another deserving individual. But there is even more that people would be willing to recycle if only they knew they could.

Recycling Utah’s Landscaping

For instance, did you know that you can recycle the landscaping materials you no longer need? At Asphalt Materials, we have made our business on providing the very best stone, sand, and glass to customers all over the state who wish to bring a sense of timelessness, color, and appreciation for the non-artificial to their yard design. However, we also provide our clients the infrastructure to recycle those same materials.

A Different Type of U Cart

Our customers may or may not be aware of the fact that we rent out concrete cart tow behinds, or U carts if they would like to do aspects of the job on their own. We premix the materials and let the client be in charge of its transportation, storing, and pouring. Often, in order to prepare the yard for further landscaping, old concrete, sand, stone, and dirt must be cleaned out before the work can progress. 
  • The client must gather and cart the materials themselves to our disposal facility.
  • The facility is open to the public as well as general contractors looking to recycle their materials.
  • The disposal fees are generally determined by weight.

Recyclable Materials

One of the benefits of hosting an environmentally-friendly disposal facility is that we get all the warm and fuzzy feelings for helping the community clear out their yard just as when they rent our U carts to fill it up, we protect the environment from negligent dumping, and we can recycle the usable materials back into our own products. We currently accept a few specific types of materials, including the following:
  • Asphalt, both pure as well as mixed with other types of rocks and dirt.
  • Concrete, including that which has rebar, mesh, and sand mixed in.
  • Sod, broken up into chunks of all sizes.
  • Rocks of all sizes, ranging from pebbles to small boulders.

Getting Started

For those who are interested in recycling and/or cleanly disposing of their C&D waste, we encourage you to call us at 801-561-4231. Please be aware that we cannot accept the following materials:
  • Clay
  • Wood
  • Garbage
  • Mud
  • Plastic
  • PVC Pipes
  • Sod mixed in with rocks
We look forward to helping you achieve the best out of your landscaping, whether that be renting out our concrete cart tow behinds, or facilitating your recycling. Let’s do some good together.