Shipping Policy


Prices vary by location, truck types being used, material type being delivered. Etc. We try to give fixed prices whenever possible but due to certain truck type variations and locations, some deliveries may be priced hourly (Roundtrip & Loading time).

Deliveries may require minimum order requirements in order to get the material delivered.

All deliveries are priced as curbside deliveries. If a customer is requesting delivery beyond the curb and property line, we do require them to be present and sign a damage waiver.

Deliveries other than curbside or an easily accessible driveway in front of the house may incur additional charges as well due to extra time involved. Delivery trucks are on tight schedules and the customer needs to be ready for the delivery with adequate dumping area prior to the trucks arriving. Wait charges may be added for truck idle time if the driver has to wait on site. Those charges are based on the same truck rate as the delivery.

Keep in mind that the material and the vehicles are of significant weight and have the ability to damage concrete, pavers, sprinkler lines, curbs and sidewalks and turf areas, etc. Asphalt Materials, Subcontractors, Freight providers, employees, etc are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the property, public or personal property, neighbors property, etc. from having material delivered. You (the customer) are assuming those risks by having material delivered.

While we do give estimated times of deliveries, due to variables outside our control, we cannot be held to them being exact, please allow for 30 minutes either direction of the estimated time. Occasionally the trucks do get behind and we try to notify the customer of any significant delays or alterations to their estimated time.

We do not guarantee that we will be able to always dump the material exactly where a customer requests, this can be due to vehicle sizes and capabilities as well as terrain variations and obstacles on the customers site. We recommend that customers come down and look at products in person prior to getting them delivered. Variations in texture, color, do occur with rock. The customer is responsible for all trucking costs related to their order once loaded onto the truck.