Asphalt Materials is proud to be a supporting partner of Localscapes, a company that uses specific methods of landscaping to make yards grow and thrive in Utah’s unique climate. Their landscaping practices are revolutionizing how homeowners choose to landscape their properties. When you choose to “localize” your yard, you are investing in a low-maintenance, water-efficient, more functional yard that will increase the curb appeal of your home.  

What Is a Localscape?

The Localscape approach to landscaping is quite simple—all it requires is to take into account Utah’s varying climates when you are designing your landscape. When all of your landscaping decisions revolve around optimizing a yard’s efficiency, sustainability, and beauty in Utah, you get better results. Here are some of the fundamental principles of localizing your yard. Grouping your lawn into a single, central shape will help you maintain it much more easily. From more efficient irrigation to having fewer edges to trim and maintain, that practical approach saves you time, energy, and money—all while saving water and helping the environment. Using your lawn as a designed element and not as a default ground cover will boost your home’s value. When you localize your yard, areas that used to be lawn will become planter beds that add color and variety to your home’s facade. Side yards can be turned into beautiful pathways that add functionality and beauty to your home. Side yards are often ignored when they contain nothing but grass and weeds. Localizing them will turn them into spaces of value and use. Localizing your yard increases its value by helping you incorporating play zones, gardens, fire pits, water features, and more into your landscape. What is now a flat lawn with nothing but grass can easily be turned into a beautiful landscape with a gathering area, play zone, waterfall, and flower beds.

Localizing Your Yard? We Can Help

One of the fundamental principles of localizing your yard is to incorporate design elements that replace large areas of grass. Often, this includes using rocks, mulch, sand, or other materials to create flower beds, pathways, gathering or play areas, and other beautiful and useful features that will increase the value of your yard. Our soil, compost and mulch products make the perfect addition to any landscape. As you’re localizing your yard, you will want to add design elements such as flower beds to bring variety and beauty to your yard. Our high-quality products will make your flower beds, tree rings, and landscape edgings look wonderful and professional, helping your localized yard make an impression on everyone who sees it. Our asphalt, stone, and rock products can make your yard more functional while adding aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re installing a gathering area, fire pit, or walkway, we can make them beautifully for a low price. An aesthetically appealing, functional yard is every homeowner’s dream. We can help make that a reality for you.

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