All About U-Carts

There is an old saying among track and field athletes: “our sport is your sport’s punishment.” Running, jumping, and feats of strength aren’t things to be avoided for these people— they’re to be relished as chances to use their strength and expertise to overcome all sorts of obstacles. Similarly, for the home improvement aficionados among us, a do-it-yourself project is a happy way to spend the afternoon. Whereas the trappings of Utah landscaping﹘breaking rocks, putting up fences, clearing fields, and laying sod﹘might sound like a prison sentence to some, to the handymen and women who thrive by using the right tools to fit their job, it’s heaven. As summer approaches, DIY Season is close at hand, with its host of landscaping projects just waiting in the wings. Perhaps it’s time to finally tear out that wooden deck and pour the patio, or touch up the driveway from all those cracks. Working with concrete can be especially daunting, due to its reputation of requiring such a big production to get done. At first blush, a person needs to rent a large mixing truck, hire a person from the cement factory to operate it, commit to a certain amount of concrete from the outset, and then find a way to maneuver the huge, cumbersome sliding system around your property so that the cement can get poured without breaking anything.  There’s a better way.

Meet the U-Cart

Any person willing to take on a big project like pouring concrete themselves shouldn’t have to deal with all the cost-prohibitive aspects that have dogged projects like this in the past. The right tools, properly applied, are meant to save time, money, and energy. Luckily, there is one made specifically for the individuals who want to do their concrete project with their own hands. It is a concrete mixing cart one can tow behind themselves on the road, called a U-cart.

How It Works

The U-cart is simply a trailer made of a large barrel apparatus in which the cement is kept spinning so that it doesn’t set until you’re ready. By coming in a smaller design than the huge mixing trucks that normally take up the whole street, the renter foregoes the clumsy sliding system and opts instead to pour the cement into a wheelbarrow or directly onto the ground, where it can then be shoveled, raked, and shaped.  These concrete cart tow-behinds can usually be rented directly from your stone provider, like Asphalt Materials. Each cart comes with a set of requirements in order to rent them (such as your vehicle type and its towing capacity) and prices are set according to how many yards of concrete you are planning to pour and the size of the cart you want.

The Benefits of Renting a U-Cart

For many, the benefits of opting to rent your own equipment from Asphalt Materials instead of hiring a construction crew are self-evident. By having the chance to oversee the progress of your project yourself, as well as being in control of the cement, plenty of the stressors that normally come from working on a project like this are done away with. This is thanks to the myriad benefits of renting a U-cart, which include:
  • Saving Money: Without having to rent more equipment and personnel than you need, you are able to keep the cost of finishing your project within your budget. 
  • Ease of Use: A smaller trailer is inherently easier to maneuver around your property and the relatively small amounts of cement you’ll be hauling means you can finish jobs in a more efficient timeframe.
  • No Wasted Materials: By renting from Asphalt Materials, you’re able to rent as much concrete as you actually need without having to commit to more that will go unused. This isn’t just good for your wallet; it’s good for the environment.
  • Convenient: Renting the materials you need, for only the time you need them, means that you are in control of your project instead of your project being in control of you.
If you are interested in renting one of our concrete cart tow-behinds, simply give us a call and we can get you squared away. With the right tools in your arsenal, your project will be done in no time.