5 Reasons to Get a Fire Pit

There are few things as companionable as gathering around a fire. The dancing flames excite and entrance while friends huddle around the warmth and share stories and jokes. Most of us consider these fireside moments exclusive to camping trips and bonfire nights, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you install a fire pit in your backyard, any night can feel like a holiday. Here are 5 major reasons that you should have a fire pit at home:

1: S’mores

Let’s get one of the biggest draws on the table right from the get-go. Why wait until the height of summer to enjoy some delicious s’mores? You can cook them right in your backyard over an open flame. A proper s’more must have a marshmallow roasted over an open flame, or it’s just not the same thing! S’mores aren’t the only snacks that you’ll enjoy with your new fire pit. Banana boats, hot dogs, melted Starburst, and all your old camping favorites will make an appearance and turn any evening with friends into a major event!

2: Bonding time

Speaking of friends, have you ever wanted an excuse to gather together friends, family, and loved ones at your home? A fire pit will provide the extra draw you need. It’s the perfect way to finish up a dinner party, or a fun night out. Friends will linger to tell stories and laugh around the circle. These are the moments that will turn into cherished memories.

3: Setup is easy

Most of the time, people relate an at-home firepit to a level of luxury that they just can’t afford. But here at Asphalt Materials, we offer fire pit kits that are affordable and easy to install in your own yard, all by yourself. They’re lightweight enough that you won’t break your back during setup, with individual bricks that can be reused later if needed.

4: Compatible with natural gas, propane, or wood

Do-it-yourself fire pit kits can easily be hooked up to your home’s natural gas so that a fire is always ready to go. On the other hand, you can set it up to be compatible with propane instead, so you don’t have to worry about utility lines. Of course, there’s always the old-school approach of a good wood-burning fire, which some people like best. Whatever your form of fuel, we have a pit that will work for you and we can help you understand exactly what you need to do to set it up.

5: Creates a beautiful focal point in your yard

A beautiful hardscaping element like a fire pit will provide a lot of visual interest in what could otherwise be a bare, lifeless area of your yard. As an added bonus, a fire pit is a relatively low-maintenance feature that will greatly increase the appeal of your home. We offer a variety of fire pit kits suited to every yard. Click here to learn more about our fire pits.