Fire Glass

Fire pit water feature

Anytime is a great time to create a gathering place in your yard for your friends and family. It’s a great time for a fire pit! Just imagine sitting around a fire in your back yard with your kids or grandchildren. Imagine creating an environment your teenagers will want to share with their friends.

Start creating amazing memories with your family today!

Our fire pit kits are a split faced, tumbled retaining wall block with an “old world” look. These kits are easy to install and will provide a fun, enjoyable gathering place for your family for years to come.

The individual blocks are reusable and environmentally safe.- No CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) or carcinogenic tar to worry about children coming in contact with.

Great for home improvement projects- Colorful and aesthetic with an old world look to compliment and situation. Easy to install and simple to use due to their light weight and durability. Can be used with natural gas, propane and natural wood burning applications.
Available with steel ring insert and single/dual cooking grates.

3 Tier Kit
(42 blocks total)
4 Tier Kit
(56 blocks total)
15 Capstone Kit


Common uses

Fire pits, tree rings, retaining walls (less than 3’ tall) sitting walls/stone fence, steps, garden borders and lawn edging.

Installation Guide:

Establishing a suitable sub base by removing any organic material and replacing with compactible granular aggregate. Concrete pavers are illustrated but are not required. Use the ring as a guide to lay 14 modular stones spaced equally in a suitable circle approximately 50″ outside diameter. Stagger additional 4 inch layers to obtain the desired height of the fireplace. Place the fire ring insert and fill the pit with coarse granular fill to the bottom of the fire ring. Paver or concrete adhesive may be applied below the top stones one stone at a time with the ring in place to attach the top course to the lower course.