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Slabs & Rock Steps

Our slabs and rock steps can be used to add beauty and functionality to your home. Whether you’re making a pathway or building a staircase, these slabs and rock steps will help you get the job done in a beautiful and affordable way.

Red Rock Rock Slabs

Sandstone Red Natural Slabs

Red quartzite sandstone slabs that are very hard and durable.

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Morning Sunrise Slab

Sandstone Blonde Natural Slabs

A blond quartzite sandstone with red, brown and rust colored marbling.

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Sunrise 3 Ft Steps

Rock Steps Sunrise Blonde 3 Ft

Steps cut from our quartzite sandstone.

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Smoke 3 Ft Steps

Rock Steps Smoke 3 Ft

Rock Steps Cut from Smoke Grey Rock.

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Light Brown 3 Ft Steps

Rock Steps Lt Brown 3 Ft

Steps cut from our Light Brown Sandstone.

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