Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are provided for products used by Asphalt Materials. They may be obtained by contacting our office at (801-561-4231) or by clicking the link below

SDS Sheets


The information in these SDS sheets is provided for reference only. Asphalt Materials and it's subsidiaries believe that the information contained in each SDS is accurate as of the date mentioned in such data sheet. However, the data is provided without any warranty, expressed or implied, regarding its correctness or accuracy. NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IS MADE AS CONCERNS THE INFORMATION PROVIDED. Since the conditions for use, handling, storage, and disposal of this product are beyond the control of Asphalt Materials, it is the responsibility of the user both to determine safe conditions for use of the products and to assume liability for loss, damage (direct or indirect), or expense arising out of the use of this product or such information. Anyone using these SDS should review all applicable laws and regulations prior to use.