Winter Landscaping Projects with Kilgore

As Utah winter begins, many homeowners might be tempted to hibernate indoors and forget about their outdoor spaces until spring. However, this season is an opportunity for creative winter landscaping projects that can enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor oasis. At Kilgore Landscape Center, we believe that your landscape deserves attention all year round. Let's explore some exciting winter landscaping projects to elevate your outdoor space.

1. Hardscaping in Utah

Add a Fire Pit

Transform your outdoor area into a cozy winter retreat by installing a fire pit. We understand the appeal of a crackling fire on a chilly winter evening. Start by picking out your rocks and colored glass. Their showroom includes many options, allowing you to customize your fire pit to match the unique aesthetic of your outdoor space. A fire pit not only provides warmth but also becomes a focal point for gathering with family and friends.

Illuminate with Outdoor Lighting

Enhance the ambiance of your landscape with strategically placed outdoor lighting. Create a magical atmosphere with string lights, pathway lights, and accent lighting that brighten your winter wonderland.  

2. Winter Plantings

Evergreen Appeal

Incorporate evergreen plants and shrubs to maintain color and vibrancy in your garden throughout the winter. Consider varieties like holly, juniper, and boxwood for a touch of green against the white backdrop.

Winter-Blooming Flowers

Choose winter-blooming flowers like pansies and winter jasmine to add pops of color to your garden. These plants can withstand cooler temperatures and bring life to your outdoor space. 

Plus, the sweet fragrance of winter-blooming flowers can fill your garden with a festive scent, adding an extra experience to its beauty during the colder months.

3. Winter Mulching

Protect Your Plants

Apply a layer of mulch to insulate plant roots and protect them from harsh winter conditions. Mulching also helps retain soil moisture and prevents erosion, ensuring the health of your plants come spring. Kilgore Landscape Center offers different types of landscaping mulch for whatever your needs may be. Whether you prefer organic mulches like bark or wood chips for a natural look or decorative options such as colored mulch to enhance visual appeal, our diverse selection ensures you find the perfect solution to nurture your garden through the winter and beyond.

4. Structure and Symmetry

Install Garden Structures

Consider adding garden structures such as arbors, pergolas, or trellises to create visual interest in your winter landscape. These structures can be adorned with lights or left bare for a striking contrast against the winter scenery. Enhance the enchantment by draping them with evergreen garlands or intertwining them with delicate fairy lights, transforming your outdoor space into a magical winter wonderland. These architectural elements not only captivate the eye but also provide a framework for climbing winter vines, adding an extra layer of texture to your serene winter garden.

Symmetrical Design

Embrace symmetry in your winter landscaping for a clean and organized look. Balance plantings, hardscapes, and structures to create a visually pleasing layout. Introduce identical plant groupings on either side of a focal point, such as a pathway or garden sculpture, to evoke a sense of harmony and order. Complement this symmetrical design with carefully positioned garden ornaments or strategically placed rocks, creating a rhythmic flow that mirrors the natural balance found in winter landscapes. Nature's inherent symmetry becomes a guiding principle, elevating the visual appeal of your outdoor space with a touch of tranquility and sophistication.

5. Seasonal Outdoor Decor:

Festive Accents

Spruce up your outdoor space with winter-themed decorations. Think snowflakes, wreaths, and decorative lanterns to infuse a festive spirit into your landscape. Elevate the enchantment by incorporating whimsical elements like oversized snowman figures or twinkling fairy lights strategically placed among your plants. These festive accents not only bring joy to your garden but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings during the chilly winter evenings, making your outdoor space a true winter retreat.

DIY Crafts

Engage in fun and creative DIY projects, such as crafting personalized winter garden markers or creating bird feeders to attract feathered visitors to your garden. For the artists out there, try hand-paintig decorative plant pots with winter motifs or repurposing old wooden crates into charming planter boxes. These personalized touches not only add character to your winter landscape but also showcase your unique style. By infusing your outdoor haven with handmade elements, you not only embrace the joy of crafting but also make your garden a reflection of your personality, creating a space that feels uniquely yours.

6. Winter Lawn Care

Road Salt and Ice Melt

Invest in efficient snow removal tools and techniques to keep your pathways and driveways clear. Kilgore Landscape Center offers a range of snow removal products from road salt to ice melt to make winter maintenance a breeze. Grab yourself a shovel or consider snow blowers to easily clear snow, guaranteeing safe and accessible pathways. Our expert team at Kilgore Landscape Center can guide you on the most effective snow removal solutions, making your winter landscape not just beautiful but also safe.

Winter Lawn Fertilization

Give your lawn a head start for spring by applying a winter fertilizer. This ensures that your grass receives essential nutrients even during the dormant season. Kilgore provides a selection of winter fertilizers that specifically promote root health and overall resilience. As the grass takes a winter nap, these nutrients work beneath the surface, preparing your lawn for a lush and vibrant awakening in the spring. Consult with our staff to choose the right winter fertilizer for your specific grass type and regional climate, ensuring a green and healthy lawn throughout the seasons.

7. Bird-Friendly Landscaping

Birdhouses and Feeders

Create a haven for local wildlife by installing birdhouses and feeders. Winter is an excellent time for bird watching, and attracting feathered friends to your garden adds a delightful touch to the landscape. Enhance the allure by selecting birdhouses with varying designs and sizes, catering to different bird species. Provide an inviting space with a variety of bird feeders stocked with nourishing seeds, creating a winter sanctuary that not only pleases the eye but also brings the soothing melodies of resident and migrating birds to your outdoor haven.


In partnership with Kilgore Landscape, your winter landscaping projects can become a reality. Our extensive range of products, from high-quality mulch and landscaping materials to winter maintenance tools, ensures that your outdoor space thrives even in the colder months. As your dedicated landscaping materials provider, our knowledgeable team stands ready to provide personalized advice on plant selection, design concepts, and effective maintenance strategies. With us as your partner, transform your visions into a winter wonderland that’s as useful as it is beautiful.

Don't let winter put a freeze on your landscaping projects. With Kilgore Landscape Center by your side, turn your outdoor space into a winter wonderland that captivates and inspires. From hardscape installations to winter plantings and everything in between, our team is ready to assist you in creating the landscape of your dreams. Visit our store today and let’s start with finding the right materials.