Summer Landscaping with River Rocks

Ready to give your landscape a spruce as the weather warms up? Why not try river rocks? Instantly give your pathways, water features, or gardens a naturalistic feel with the rounded rocks. 

These styles of decorative rocks aren’t just for large gardens or apartment courtyards, in fact, the team at Asphalt Materials thinks that they create a great look for all types of spaces. How will you use decorative river rocks within your outdoor space?

Tips to Get You Started

Work with Your Existing Landscape 

River rock works best when it is used to complement an existing landscape rather than being used as the first step in creating a new one. That said, if you have an area that you’d like to spruce up before starting a new landscaping project, these rocks can be used to cover up unsightly areas temporarily until you’re ready for the big reveal.

Ideal for Projects of Any Size

River rock can be used for both small and large projects; it just depends on how much time and money you want to spend on the project. Keep in mind that larger river rocks are quite heavy and may require professional assistance moving them around your yard if they are too heavy for one person to lift safely

Using River Rocks in Water

As river rocks are naturally found in—you guessed it, rivers—it’s the perfect choice to add dimension to water features. It can be tricky to make a man-made water feature look naturalistic, as though the feature itself has been there since the beginning of time, but it can be done! By simply adding river rocks or other decorative rocks to the edge of pools, ponds, and fountains, you can recreate the look of a natural landscape with minimal effort. Better still, using rocks is a great way to cover up or obscure the view of unsightly pond liners.

Adding Texture to Walkways

Use River Rocks on Pathways

There are a million and one ways to liven up a garden path. By mixing textures and materials, you can create a stylish walkway that has an impact. That’s why we think the smooth texture and dimensions of river rocks work well when paired with vibrant greenery and wooden walkway planks.

Mixing Decorative Rocks to Add Texture

If you already have several large boulders or jagged rocks within your outdoor space, adding other rocks to the space can add dimension and texture to any garden. It’s not only an aesthetically pleasing way to add life to a space, but in the case of areas with greenery, smaller river rocks can help keep erosion and weeds at bay.

Soften Edges

New pathways can sometimes feel “sharp” and uninviting. River rocks can help here too! Adding smooth rocks in various hues can help soften the edges of patios, walkways, and garden edges. As river rocks are easier to manipulate in shape, you really can make a shape a space creatively.

Brighten Shaded Areas

We love using river rocks in shaded areas that might seem underwhelmed. Landscaping around large trees or flowers that creates large shadows can help protect plants as well as make a space feel instantly brighter. Mix different-sized river rocks in a light hue to make a dark space feel inviting, curated, and organic.

Ready for Decorative Rocks?

If you’re feeling inspired to bring river rocks into your landscaping plans, we’re here to help! We have river rocks and other decorative rock options in a variety of sizes, shapes, hues, and polishes. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the right rocks for your next outdoor project.