Kilgore Landscape Center Runs Their Asphalt Plant Year Round

One frequently asked question is “Does Kilgore Landscape Center run our Asphalt Plant year-round?” We do! In fact, we pride ourselves on providing quality asphalt materials in summer or winter. During the winter season, we produce Winter Hot Mix, MC Cold Mix and Cold Mix UPM. Learn all about these mixes and why we work differently from each other.

What Is Asphalt?

Large potholes can ruin anyone’s day. Not only are they a nuisance to your car (and your alignment), but they also create a safety hazard for pedestrians. Whether you need to clear up a pothole in a street, a driveway, or a parking lot, asphalt is the material that you will need in order to smooth your way.

Asphalt is a paving and patching material primarily used in road construction, driveways, and parking lots. It’s a sticky and black substance that comes from petroleum, is an important material in the construction industry. Its adhesive properties make it essential for paving, particularly in the creation of roads, driveways, and parking lots. The most common form is hot mix asphalt (HMA), which is heated to high temperatures. It is extremely durable and easily recyclable and asphalt pavements can withstand heavy traffic and environmental factors. Cold Mix Asphalt can be used for temporary repairs. However, UPM mixes are used more for permanent fixes.

What Do You Use Asphalt For?

Contractors utilize asphalt for a range of construction and paving projects, showcasing its versatility and durability. Here are several common applications where contractors make effective use of asphalt:

  1. Road Construction: Asphalt is a primary material for road construction, providing a durable and smooth surface capable of withstanding heavy traffic loads. Its flexibility helps accommodate natural ground movements, reducing the likelihood of cracks.
  2. Driveways: Residential and commercial properties often feature asphalt driveways, offering a durable and visually appealing surface capable of supporting vehicle traffic.
  3. Parking Lots: Asphalt is a preferred choice for constructing parking lots due to its smooth and even surface, facilitating easy navigation and parking. Its durability is crucial for areas with high vehicular traffic.
  4. Pathways and Walkways: Contractors use asphalt to create pathways and walkways in public spaces, such as parks and campuses. Asphalt provides a stable and accessible surface for pedestrians.
  5. Playgrounds: In some instances, asphalt is used for playground surfaces, offering a smooth and resilient surface that helps minimize the risk of injuries from falls.

These are just a few examples of how contractors leverage the benefits of asphalt for various construction and paving projects. The versatility of asphalt makes it a popular choice for creating durable surfaces in diverse applications.

What Mix Designs Do We Have?

Kilgore Landscape Center makes various mix designs that follow APWA specifications. We also make a few custom mix designs as needed. We use the following oils to produce mix designs. PG 64-22 (similar to the old AC-20), PG 58-28 (Similar to the old AC-10), PG 64-28, PG 64-34. PG 64-34 is a special order oil for large jobs that require it. Please inquire if that is what your project is requiring. Please check with your inspector on what oil type is required for the project.

We produce the following aggregate size mixes: 1/2", 3/4", and custom 1/4" Fines. Most projects utilize 1/2" mix designs. Please check with your inspector if a specific aggregate size is required. 

Following APWA Standards we produce various RAP (Recycled Asphalt Materials) in mix designs ranging from 15% Rap and up to 25% Rap. RAP content required in a mix design is decided by the inspector on the job. Please check with your inspector on whether a RAP limitation is required on the job.

We can add in Fiber on jobs that require Fiber. Please Inquire in advance if you have a project requiring Fiber. For private jobs, most contractors utilize our 1/2" PG 58-28 oil 25% RAP mix design.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of Hot Asphalt varies widely depending on the exact mix design that is being produced. Contact our office at 801-561-4231 option 3 for pricing. Not all mix designs are produced every day. Please call them to get on the schedule for ordering asphalt materials for your projects. 

Kilgore Landscape Center supplies our asphalt to all the cities across the Wasatch Front and Salt Lake Valley. We supply Hot Asphalt to everybody from Government Agencies, City Governments, and Private Contractors. 

How Do You Lay Asphalt?

Laying Hot Asphalt is not something that the average person to do on our own project without having plenty of experience before. In those cases, we will always recommend that we hire a contractor to do the project. 

The setting process of asphalt often takes time and patience. As such, the weather can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your patch or paving. Whether you use a hot or cold asphalt mix, there are certain blends that are only effective in summer and others that are specially blended to be used in cold weather. Below are some charts to help you identify what kinds of mixes are available in the winter season. If you have any questions about which asphalt will be best for your project, give us a call.

What Asphalt Does Kilgore Landscape Center Have in Winter?



Hot Winter Asphalt

1/2", 3/4"

MC Cold Mix




Hot Asphalt

Also known as hot mix asphalt (HMA), Hot Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates (such as crushed stone, gravel, or sand) and asphalt binder. Hot asphalt is the most common type of asphalt used in road construction, driveways, parking lots, and various other applications.

Hot Asphalt is the type of asphalt that you mostly see when driving past a construction crew. Use mostly for paving and patching, Hot Asphalt, as its name suggest, is easiest to work with when the temperature of the asphalt is high. Hot Asphalt is a permanent solution to a problem, but must be used almost immediately after purchasing. One of the advantages of hot asphalt is its quick installation. Once mixed and transported to the construction site, it can be applied immediately. As the asphalt cools, it becomes increasingly difficult to work with, and once completely cool, it hardens like a rock.

Cold Mix UPM

Cold Mix UPM (Unique Paving Materials) is a type of premium cold mix asphalt materials designed for use in cold weather conditions. It is specifically formulated to remain workable and effective even in lower temperatures, making it suitable for applications where traditional hot mix asphalt may not be practical. 

Unlike MC Cold Mix, it can be used as a permanent fix to any asphalt or concrete problem, Designed to work in any weather condition, UPM can be used to fix both wet and dry holes, allowing you to make any repair in any situation. Once that asphalt has been compacted, it is immediately ready to be tread upon. Learn more about the benefits of UPM.

MC Cold Mix

Cold Mix MC-250, often referred to as Temporary Cold Mix, is a type of cold mix asphalt specifically designed for temporary or immediate patching and repair needs. Since the asphalt is used at cold temperatures, it is slow to cure and best used in areas that have little to no traffic. It is commonly used for quick fixes, pothole repairs, and temporary surface restoration in situations where a more permanent solution might be implemented later.

More Questions?

Do you have questions about asphalt? Talk to us before you contact a contractor and we'll make sure you understand what to expect from the process. For additional information don't hesitate to contact us!

Please Note: It is your responsibility to check with the city, inspector, etc. regarding which mix design is required on your specific project. Different cities require different specs, Check with your inspector. Mix Designs are available by clicking the link below or by contacting our office.

Kilgore Landscape Center prides ourself on providing high quality asphalt materials all year round. Whether you’re working on a project in Summer or Winter, Kilgore can help you find the right asphalt for the job. Kilgore’s staff are knowledgeable and experienced helping contractors or DIYers find the quality materials at an affordable price. Call our store at (801) 561-4231 or visit our store at 7961 S. 1300 W. West Jordan, UT 84088.