How To Store Road Salt

As winter has started, the importance of efficiently storing your road salt has become more and more essential. This creates a concern for companies and property owners to maintain their salt to be able to be used all winter. At Kilgore Landscape Center we want to help you this winter by making sure your your road salt, commonly known as rock salt, becomes an important part of helping your home and the roads stay free of the dangers of icy surfaces. This helps guarantee safe travel throughout the colder months for everyone. Beyond its immediate application, proper storage is very important. This way it can be used all winter long to help keep homes and roads slick free. 

At Kilgore Landscape Center, we want to talk about insights on how to effectively store your road salt. It's important to be able to select the right storage facilities and containers for your home and company, by implementing rotation systems and controlling moisture levels. We want to share with you a guide to help make sure that road salt remains a reliable source in combating winter's challenges. As we share the seasonal preparations, understanding these fundamental tips becomes important, so we can help those in our communities with safer roads to travel on and safe sidewalks to walk on this winter.

1. Choose the Right Storage Facility:

The first step in proper road salt storage is selecting an appropriate facility. Ideally, this should be a covered space, such as a salt shed, a designated salt storage barn, or a moisture-controlling container. We at Kilgore Landscape Center know the importance of the right type of storage for your salt. A covered area or container protects the salt from the elements, preventing it from clumping or becoming contaminated. If a covered space isn't available, consider using large tarps or industrial-grade covers to shield the salt piles.

2. Invest in Proper Containers:

When storing road salt, the choice of containers is crucial. Bulk storage bins or silos are common choices for larger quantities, while heavy-duty bags or salt spreader bins work well for smaller amounts for the home. We at Kilgore Landscape Center want to help you ensure that the containers are durable, moisture-resistant, and properly sealed to prevent water from entering to maintain the salt's effectiveness all year long.

3. Implement a Rotation System:

Road salt is not immune to degradation, and storage for long periods of time can lead to clumping and reduced effectiveness. To avoid this, implement a rotation system that ensures older salt is used first and newer salt is used last. We at Kilgore Landscape Center want to help you maintain a fresh supply of salt and minimize waste with your rock salt. Regularly check on and rotate the salt piles to prevent any storage-related issues and check our website to get the salt you need when running low.

4. Control Moisture Levels:

Moisture is the enemy of road salt storage. At Kilgore Landscape Center we know that even a small amount of water can cause salt to clump, making it challenging to spread evenly on the road or on your sidewalk. We want to help you make sure that you are utilizing moisture-absorbing materials that can help. Such as silica gel packets or moisture-absorbing agents designed for your salt storage are useful tools. Additionally, maintaining proper drainage in the storage area prevents rain or melting snow from seeping into the salt piles and causing problems with your salt.

5. Utilize Ventilation Systems:

Good ventilation is essential for preventing condensation and maintaining the quality of your stored road salt. Ventilation systems in storage facilities and containers can help regulate temperature and humidity, reducing the risk of salt deterioration. Good airflow prevents large salt clumps from forming and makes sure a consistent texture is maintained for efficient spreading all winter long.

6. Label and Organize:

Organizing your road salt is super important when it comes to road salt storage. Clearly label your containers with the date of when you got them and the batch information to create a proper rotation system. Arrange the salt piles in an organized way, making it so that it is easy access to different batches. This not only maintains that the distribution process is easy but also contributes to overall safety in the storage area. Keeping your container for your home is an easy-to-access place. It also makes it more convenient for you. 

7. Regular Inspections and Maintenance:

Establish a routine for checking on the salt storage facility and containers to be able to address any issues promptly. At Kilgore Landscape Center we know that checking for signs of moisture is an important way to help maintain your road salt. It is important to look for signs of clumping, or contamination. If using machinery such as conveyors or spreaders, conduct regular maintenance to ensure great performance during snow and ice events. Doing this is a way to ensure that the environment is protected and so are the water systems in our communities. By making sure we maintain proper road salt storage and maintenance, we can be smarter about how we use salt to help our environment. 


Effective road salt storage is paramount for winter maintenance, significantly influencing community safety and mobility. Companies and property owners play a pivotal role in this process by selecting good storage facilities and containers while implementing essential maintenance practices. The choice of storage space, whether it's a salt shed, designated barn, or a salt storage container is crucial for protecting salt from the snow and moisture and preventing deterioration. Utilizing durable, moisture-resistant containers ensures the preservation of salt quality, preventing clumping and contamination all winter long.

As we brace for colder temperatures, prioritizing smart salt storage practices is very important. At Kilgore Landscape Center we want to help make sure your road salt gets stored properly this winter. It is crucial to uphold road safety and accessibility for all, so visit our website to get the road salt you need for your safety this winter.