5 Tips On Applying Road Salt to Pavement

Winter wonderland? More like a slippery nightmare! Thankfully, Kilgore Landscape Center, your neighborhood experts, will help you safely salt your driveway. Stay safe and keep those sidewalks clear all winter long! Their Salt Lake Landscape Center has everything from hardscaping products to ice melts to road salt. Bulk Road Salt Type C White is effective in melting down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit and it is a powerful ally against winter's icy challenges.

1. Preparation is Key

Before reaching for the road salt, it's crucial to prepare the pavement surface adequately. Kilgore Landscape Center recommends using snow plows or shovels to clear excess snow, creating a clean canvas for the road salt to work its magic. Removing obstacles and uneven surfaces allows for better salt penetration, ensuring a smoother and more effective melting process.

2. Use the Right Type of Salt

Kilgore offers high-quality road salt tailored to meet various winter conditions. While traditional rock salt (sodium chloride) is effective in most cases, for extremely cold temperatures, consider upgrading to calcium chloride or magnesium chloride with Kilgore’s Bulk Road Salt Type C White. These alternatives work at lower temperatures, providing enhanced performance and quicker melting, even in the harshest winter conditions.

3. Even Distribution for Maximum Impact

Achieving an even distribution of road salt is essential for optimal results. Kilgore’s Salt Lake Landscape Center recommends using a spreader or equipment designed for efficient and uniform salt application. Uneven distribution can lead to hazardous icy patches and compromised safety. Investing in proper equipment ensures that each granule of salt is strategically placed, maximizing its effectiveness in melting ice and snow.

4. Follow Recommended Application Rates

To avoid both overuse and underuse, it's crucial to follow recommended application rates for the specific type of salt being used. Kilgore Landscape Center provides clear guidelines to help you strike the right balance. Over-application can be wasteful, potentially harmful to the environment, and may even damage surrounding vegetation. By adhering to recommended rates, you ensure effective ice melt while minimizing environmental impact.

5. Time Your Application Wisely

Timing is everything when it comes to applying road salt. Kilgore Landscape Center advises applying salt before snow or ice accumulation becomes severe. By doing so, you prevent the formation of a thick ice layer, making it easier to remove snow and ice mechanically. Early application also helps break the bond between ice and pavement, facilitating a more efficient melting process.

Why Choose Kilgore Landscape Center for Bulk Road Salt?

Kilgore’s Salt Lake Landscape Center takes pride in offering high-quality bulk road salt that meets the diverse needs of our customers. Here's why you should trust us for all your winter landscaping solutions:

- Effective Bulk Road Salt: Choose high-quality road salt treated with magnesium chloride, to effectively fight against icy winter conditions.

- Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff is ready to provide expert guidance on the right type of salt and application techniques, ensuring you get the best results.

- Environmentally Conscious: We understand the importance of balancing effective snow and ice removal with environmental responsibility. Our products are selected and recommended with environmental considerations in mind.

When winter's chill sets in and icy conditions threaten safety, Kilgore Landscape Center presents an indispensable solution for maintaining clear and secure pathways. Our Bulk Type C Deicing Road Salt, specially designed for use on asphalt surfaces, is a reliable choice for DOTs, counties, cities, landscapers, and snow professionals. Let's explore the features and benefits that make this product a winter essential.

Key Features: Bulk Type C Deicing Road Salt

Asphalt-Friendly Formulation:

Tailored specifically for asphalt surfaces, Kilgore Salt Lake Landscape Center offers Bulk Type C Deicing Road Salt ensuring effective deicing without compromising the integrity of the pavement. Its composition is designed to provide optimum performance on asphalt, making it a go-to choice for roadways, highways, and parking lots.

Compatibility with Large Salt Spreaders:

This road salt is formulated to work seamlessly with larger in-bed salt spreaders, offering efficiency and convenience for snow professionals and landscapers. The compatibility ensures even distribution, maximizing the effectiveness of the deicing process.

Effective Melting Down to 0 Degrees Fahrenheit:

Kilgore Landscape Center's Bulk Type C Deicing Road Salt is a powerful solution that works effectively even in extremely cold conditions. It boasts a melting capability down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, providing reliable performance when you need it most.

Treated with Magnesium Chloride:

To enhance its effectiveness, our road salt is treated with Magnesium Chloride. This additive helps lower the freezing point, ensuring rapid ice melt on treated surfaces. Our Salt Lake Landscape Center includes Magnesium Chloride in out bulk road salt which also contributes to improved performance in preventing the reformation of ice.

YPS Anti-Caking Agent:

Our road salt is equipped with YPS, an anti-caking agent, during the production process. This addition is essential to prevent crusting and clogging in spreading machines, ensuring smooth and consistent application. The anti-caking agent guarantees a hassle-free experience, whether you're using it for personal or professional deicing applications.

Pricing and Ordering Information:

Posted Price for Pickup:

The listed price is for customers who choose to pick up the material directly from Kilgore Landscape Center.

Delivery Charges Extra:

For added convenience, we offer delivery services. Please contact us for detailed delivery pricing tailored to your location.

Minimum Order for Delivery:

To facilitate efficient delivery, a 2-ton minimum order is required for deliveries. This ensures that you receive an ample supply to tackle winter weather challenges.

Why Choose Kilgore Landscape Center's Bulk Type C Deicing Road Salt?

Trusted by Professionals:

Our road salt is a preferred choice for DOTs, counties, cities, landscapers, and snow professionals who rely on its proven performance in winter weather conditions.

Reduced Freezing Point:

The addition of Magnesium Chloride ensures a lower freezing point, guaranteeing effective ice melt even in sub-zero temperatures.

Anti-Caking Agent for Smooth Application:

YPS, the anti-caking agent, minimizes the risk of crusting and clogging in spreading machines, ensuring consistent and trouble-free application.

In conclusion, Kilgore’s Salt Lake Landscape Center and their Bulk Type C Deicing Road Salt is your ally in the battle against winter's icy grip. Trust our asphalt-friendly formulation, compatibility with large spreaders, and effective melting capabilities to keep roadways, highways, and parking lots safe. Contact Kilgore Landscape Center today and elevate your winter deicing strategy with a product that delivers results.

Mastering the art of road salt application is key to ensuring a safe and navigable winter landscape. Kilgore Landscape Center stands ready to support you with high-quality bulk road salt, expert advice, and a commitment to environmentally conscious solutions. Trust us to be your partner in creating a winter landscape that is not only safe but also environmentally responsible. Visit Kilgore Landscape Center today and embrace the winter season with confidence.