What is UPM?

When you are experiencing problems with your concrete, such as potholes or large cracks, you want to make sure that you are using the best materials available to fix it. In the world of asphalt, that means using UPM.

UPM is a high quality cold mix patch specifically designed to repair large problems in your asphalt. It is easy to use and doesn't require any special machinery to fill your pothole. UPM is rated the best cold mix patch in the industry and is known for being extremely durable. In fact, UPM often outlasts the concrete surrounding the patch! It is for this reason that it is the chosen cold mix patch for most state's Departments of Transportation across the United States.

UPM is a highly versatile product that can be applied in both wet and dry conditions. There are also different formulas available for the different seasons. These different formulas take the typical outside temperature into consideration to make sure that the UPM performs correctly when applied.

So how does one apply UPM? It takes about 10 pounds of UPM to cover one square foot of pothole. Since UPM is a self primer, there are no additional ingredients needed. All that is required is a shovel and a tamping tool.

To start, prepare your hole or crack by sweeping or blowing out any large debris. Once the hole is clear, pour or shovel the UPM into the hole. Ideally, the UPM should be about 25% above the hole while it is still loose. When all the UPM has been poured into the hole, tamp it down with your tamping tool to make sure that the UPM fills every single space inside your hole.

The surface level of the UPM cures immediately, meaning that you don't have to delay any traffic over the spot. If you are worried about any residual tackiness, you can cover the UPM with a light dusting of sand or cement powder. The UPM inside the hole will cure at a slower rate, allowing the product to move (expand and contract) with the surrounding concrete, ensuring that it bonds with every single surface.

If you need to fill a pothole or large crack in a road, driveway, bridge or other concrete area, consider using UPM as your patch. It's high quality and ease of use will ensure that your hole remains correctly patched for years to come.