Ways to Utilize Recycled Concrete in Your Landscaping

Too many people look at their busted concrete and think of it as nothing more than trash, waiting to be taken away to some dump. However, like with many other landscaping materials, there is a greener way that we can think of old concrete. Indeed, it is becoming more and more of a popular material to use in landscaping throughout your yard. Using recycled concrete helps reduce the amount of trash in landfills and helps reduce the amount of carbon that we produce. Here are some of the key ways that you can incorporate recycled concrete in your yard...

Pave Patios

One popular trend that people are using broken concrete is as an adequate substitute for flagstone. Because broken concrete is misshaped and has an element of randomness, it can be a terrific way to repave your patio for a low cost, especially when compared to other paver materials, such as stone. Concrete pieces, properly laid on a layer of sand, and then mortared and sealed can give you a luxury central area in your backyard to chill with your family. Don’t believe us? You can search through Pinterest for the proof and more inspiration!

Build Retaining Walls

Just like large broken pieces of concrete can be used in your patio, they can also make for an excellent retaining wall exterior, similar to the way large stones work. By carefully placing an assortment of recycled concrete together, you can create gabions for a much lower cost than other types of stone.

Mix in with Mulch

Putting mulch on top of your soil is an important aspect of landscaping, since it helps protect your plants from unwanted weeds, reduces the heat from the sun, and retains moisture in the lower parts of the soil. Ground-up concrete can be an excellent substitute for different types of mulch, depending on the plants you are growing. Just be sure that you don’t overuse it as a mulch substitute and suffocate your plants (this is a precaution you should take with any stone-type of mulch).

Creating Pathways

Finally, you can use recycled concrete to help create paved walkways throughout your property. Large pieces of concrete can be used as a paver material for this purpose, just like they can be used for patios. Likewise, ground-up concrete can be used as a gravel layer that you must lay before paving those walkways.