Upgrading That Garden Walkway

A garden walk is a great way to add a finished touch to just about any home landscape. It can stand on its own, leading from one area of your yard to another, or it can serve as part of a larger landscape, bordering, say, a man-made stream or carefully crafted flower bed. And don’t forget that you can apply the many principles for creating a garden walk to creating your home’s front walk as well. Here is a quick look at the many options you have when creating a garden walk for your landscape.


Brick is a common go-to for garden walkways and can add a traditional, colonial touch to your landscape. A brick garden walk also pairs very well with a brick paver patio. You might opt for a traditional bond, stacked bond, basketweave, or herringbone pattern for your walkway.


Alternatively, you can opt for pavers in a variety of non-brick colors, giving your walkway a more stone inspired look. Pavers come in a wide variety of colors and textures these days, with pavers resembling slate, greystone, or cobblestone. Pavers are great for creating garden walks with smooth, defined edges.


For something more natural looking, you might opt for a stone walkway. Try using smooth, medium sized stones and filing in the gaps with sand or small rock for a garden walk that has a “pebbled look,” or use larger stones spaced widely apart for something woodland inspired. You can leave grass in between the stones in your garden walk, or you can finish your garden walk with dirt, sand, rock, moss, or even flowers in between your stones.

Wood “pavers”

Here’s a creative idea: cut a downed tree to create round “pavers,” which you can then lay out on clean, dark soil to create a woodland inspired garden walkway. Be sure to seal the wood or to use a wood that doesn’t rot so that you can enjoy your walkway for years to come.

Wooden planks

Alternatively, you can use short, sealed planks of wood to create your walkway. Push them together to create a purely wood walkway for a more modern look, or space them apart and fill in the gaps with small rocks or sand for something more inspired by nature.

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