Types of Landscape Rocks for Ground Cover

Rocks can be used in landscaping in a variety of different ways, from large boulders to break up other landscaping elements to the use of stairs and walkways made from natural stone. One of the most popular methods of using rocks in landscaping, though, is as a method of ground cover or mulch. The filler that this provides can be used as a design element that guides the eye around the yard and helps protect greenery, trees, and gardens around your property. Here are some of the most common types of rocks that get used as ground cover in the landscaping industry...

Brick Chips

Brick chips are becoming more and more common to see around homes nowadays. People are drawn to their deep terracotta colors, which include various shades of reds and browns. Stylistically, this is very popular in the deserts of the Western United States, where the deep reds are complementary to the environment that surrounds people. These chips are generally made from fragments of crushed bricks.

Crushed Granite

Crushed granite is a great option for creating gravel because it retains a very natural look, even as it is broken into fragments. The earthy, natural look that granite provides is ideal for surrounding greenery and gardens, as it is a matching aesthetic. Obviously, crushed granite is very strong as well, meaning that it will last many years before it wears away. Another beautiful granite option is decomposed granite, which adds a more rustic texture to the crushed granite. Many homes opt to surround their trees with decomposed granite, nowadays.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel comes in a large variety of different shades of earthy tones, and can even come in bright white options. What makes pea gravel so notable is that it doesn’t decompose, like many other stone or mulch options. This makes it ideal for blocking weeds from areas that they tend to go since it won’t crack and allow for roots to spread. Pea gravel also comes in many size options that look good for different aesthetics and purposes.

Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are very common in dry climates (such as Utah) since they are able to absorb sunlight during the daytime. This helps the landscaping around your home stay cool during the hotter months. During the nighttime, lava rocks release the heat they build up during the day. They come in bright colors that are perfect for bold landscaping decisions.

River Rock

River rocks are similar to pea gravel but have a smoother texture. They are very ideal for water features and should be used to outline things like creek beds and fountains, both for aesthetic reasons and the practicality that they are ideal for drainage. Their drainage features also make them popular in areas where it rains frequently.