The Best Trees to Plant In Your Utah Yard

Having trees in your landscaping is not only valuable to the environment and the overall appearance of your yard, it also saves you money and increases the value of your home! There are so many great reasons to add a few trees to your landscape this summer. When selecting the right trees for your yard, the climate and state that you live in will play a big part in which trees will do best. With the unique climate here in Utah, here are some of our favorite trees to feature in your landscaping!

Red Maple

The red maple tree is a favorite in Northern Utah, so it definitely deserved a place on this list! It has a tolerance to varying and differing soil types, and it has an incredibly fast growth rate. It can grow up to two feet per year! So not only are these trees beautiful, they’ll provide you with incredible shade within a short period of time.

Northern Red Oak

The Northern Red Oak has a beautiful spreading canopy, and it’s also considered to be an incredibly valuable tree to add to your landscape! If you’re looking for something beautiful to add, this is a great option! It does well in both Urban and Rural areas.

Sawtooth Oak

Another beautiful oak tree, a sawtooth oak tree can increase your curb appeal. It has a widespread growth, and will turn the most beautiful colors in the fall months. It also has an incredibly fast growth rate, of up to two feet per year, so you’ll reap the benefits within a few short years of planting!

Tulip tree

Another stunning, fast growing tree, the tulip tree was named for the unique shape of their leaves and yellow flowers. And they can grow up to 90 feet tall! Make sure that you plant it away from power lines to ensure that you don’t run into any issues as this tree grows.

Hybrid Poplar

A Hybrid poplar is often at the top of the list for many Utahns. It’s fast growing, and gorgeous. They’re one of the fastest growing shade trees, with an ability to grow up to 8 feet per year. You’ll have a beautiful, shady place to sit in no time.