Road Salt Red Ice Slicer

Now that winter is officially in full swing we can expect to see more snowfall. With this snowfall comes icy road conditions that can be dangerous for all drivers on the road no matter what car you’re in. Everyone knows the frustration that comes along with driving on roads that haven’t been plowed or have had salt laid down. Once plows head out after a snowstorm they need something that will work fast, which is where red salt comes in handy.

All Natural

Ice Slicer Road Salt is a blend of 92% – 98% complex chlorides (sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium) with anti-caking and anti-freezing agents that won’t leach. This makes it so that the salt will begin breaking down the ice without clumping it and potentially make the problem worse.

Studies have shown that attacking the storm before snow and ice bonds to the pavement is critical and can save up to 8 times the cost of trying to break snow and ice from the pavement after this bond has occurred. Ice Slicer is a mined product and not a solar salt. It naturally contains over 60 trace minerals and micro-nutrients giving it a reddish color.


Red salt continues to melt snow and ice down to 0°F where white salt generally stops melting at about 20⁰F. This is useful because of the amount of red salt that is used at a time and that it is generally used on heavier and higher trafficked roadways. The red salt also gets to work quick by getting to the bottom of snowpacks and melting it from the bottom. The much lighter and softer white salt will sit on top of snowpack and will eventually dilute out and ends up hardly being useful. If you are looking for a good, and reliable salt for this winter, then be sure to look at red salt. It is all-natural and is fast-acting and will start working immediately on your roadways this winter. By attacking the problem at the base, the bottom of the snowpack, the salt will begin breaking down the ice instead of sitting on the top of the ice as your average white salt does.