Reasons to Attend a Landscaping or Gardening Class

Landscaping and gardening classes aren’t only for gardening enthusiasts or for those who proclaim to have a “green thumb.” These classes are great for any homeowner because they teach essential skills needed to create a beautiful landscape on your home’s property. Moreover, these classes can be free; in fact, Asphalt Materials offers a wide variety of classes for free, which means that you have no reason not to expand your landscaping or gardening knowledge. In case you’re still not convinced, here are a few incredibly useful things you can learn at a landscaping or gardening class—all reasons to attend one as soon as possible.

The Best Gardening Practices

Almost everyone can benefit from a good overview of the best tips and practices in gardening. From how to start seedlings indoors to what conditions you need to create for plants to grow successfully, a course in best gardening practices will cover all the basics.

Landscaping 101

The word “landscaping” tends to sound rather daunting to many homeowners. But landscaping is a lot simpler than many think, and a landscaping class can teach you basic design principles, how to plan out a design for your yard, and what factors to consider when planning out a design. You can even learn how to plan your landscaping in such a way that it will carry beauty all year round. Attendees can also bring photos of their own property for guidance on where to start.

Giving Your Home Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is essential to giving your home a welcome appearance and can even increase the value of your home. A good course in creating curb appeal will show you how to landscape your front yard while keeping the area low maintenance.

Growing Herbs

Do you love cooking with fresh herbs? Then why not attend a class in growing them yourself. In a class dedicated to herbs, you’ll learn all about growing, harvesting, and preserving herbs, as well as which herbs may be best for you to plant and how you can use them.

Fertilizer and Vegetable Gardening

A gardening class can take you a step closer toward self-reliance and show you how to choose the best fertilizer for your property and how to use it to grow a bounty of healthy vegetables. You’ll also learn when to plant and how to harvest when your vegetables are ready.

Laying Pavers and Edging

A landscaping class centered around laying pavers and edging will show you how to introduce pavers in your landscaping design, giving you ideas for what options are out there and how they can be used in a myriad of ways. Did you know that Asphalt Materials offers free gardening and landscaping classes covering all of these subjects and more? And as an added bonus, these classes are tailored specifically to Utah’s climate, meaning that the skills you learn will be perfectly suited for gardening at your Salt Lake area home. For more information about these classes and when you can attend one, check out our classes page.