Patching Up Potholes

Now that the snow is clearing away and we’re saying goodbye to colder temperatures, many of us are finding unwelcome potholes in our driveways and private streets. Those potholes can cause a lot of damage to our vehicles, and the rocky roads that they create are unpleasant to drive on.

Why Do Potholes Form?

Potholes are usually formed when groundwater contracts and expands underneath the asphalt. Immense pressure is caused when water trickles through cracks, and then expands into its frozen form. As the water freezes and melts continuously, it can create larger and larger cracks, until part of the asphalt gives way and a hole is formed.

Take Care of It Yourself

Most people think that patching holes in the road requires heavy machinery and many hands. However, with gear from Asphalt Materials, the process can be pretty simple. Asphalt Materials offers premium road patch in the form of UPM’s Permanent Pavement Repair Material. Instead of giving a temporary fix, or necessitating a complete redo of the pavement in question, this patching material fills holes and bonds to the existing pavement to create a long-lasting solution. A crust will form over the patch, making it easy to use. However, UPM’s slow-drying formula ensures that the patch settles into the space effectively, and stays flexible under that crust, absorbing impact.

Tools Are Minimal and We Offer Rentals

Rather than needing a concrete mixer and a large tamping vehicle, all you need to install UPM materials is a stiff brush and a tamping tool (along with a bag of UPM’s repair material, of course.) Here at Asphalt Materials, we know that not all of our customers use these materials on a regular basis, and so we have tools available for you to buy or rent.

UPM asphalt repair is a professional-grade material, and it’s the choice of municipalities around the country for public road repair because of its durability and ease of use. So, the time has come. Stop letting that pothole drive you crazy, and take care of it once and for all!