Making Your Yard Your Own With Rocks

After years of planning, scrimping, and saving, you’ve finally done it: you own your own home! It may be a fixer-upper, but it sure has potential, and more importantly, it’s all yours. But, if you’re like most first-time homeowners, this might also be the first time you’ve ever been responsible for the design of your landscaping.

You always promised yourself that as soon as you own your own place, you’d ditch the dingy garden gnomes and toss the tacky tire planters. Well, now you’re finally at the front gate of your very own lawn: but when it comes to design, you’re not sure where to even start. Read on for some tips on developing a landscaping plan that stamps your yards with your personality, and relegates outdated trends to the past where they belong.

Going Native

Embrace environmental factors with native design elements. Now, native plants are those that have been scientifically observed and documented growing wild in any given region, including both plants that have naturally evolved in the region, as well as those whose seeds were carried in by “nature’s helpers” of windstorms and flowing rivers. Native plants are adapted to your local climate, and so they’re well-equipped to adapt to whatever curveballs nature wants to throw at them—including droughts and freezing winters.

Are You Ready to Rock?

Accentuate the natural beauty of your yard with low-cost, low-maintenance accents that are both easy to maintain, and add value to your home. Landscaping rocks, sand, and gravel, crushed rocks, river rocks, rose boulders, flagstone chips: if there’s a color, shape, or size that you have in mind, then there’s a landscaping company that can match it. Go out for a hike and figure out which natural colors and rock formations inspire you, and bring some of those inspirational bits of nature home with you.

A Pathway With Personality

If you’re planning on inviting friends and family to enter your “not-so-secret” garden, a creative walkway best expresses the ambiance of the outdoor space you’ve created. The style of your pathway is also a good indicator of your personality and says so much about you and your home. Do you want to feel like you’re entering an enchanted forest straight out of a fairy-tale? Then a whimsical walkway made of large unhoned rocks might be just what the forest fairies ordered.

Do you want something that leaves an elegant and formal impression? Then geometrically regular, diamond-shaped cobblestone, interspersed with matching gravel, might be the perfect stepping stones to your entryway. Again, creativity is key! Whether you’re creating a carefree fantasy garden or a meticulously curated bit of earth, the right selection of native plants, rock, sand, or gravel products can make your dreams a reality.