Landscaping Ideas for Summer Parties

If you’re embarking on a new landscaping project in your backyard and have a particular fondness for summer, why not create a backyard suited perfectly to summer fun? A backyard can be landscaped to provide a suitable area for many summer activities, including s’more making, movie watching, and outdoor lounging. Here are a few stellar ideas to give you inspiration on sprucing up your backyard this summer.

Fire Pit

One of the main attractions of a summer soirée is a bonfire. Make bonfires a tradition at your home by designing and building a fire pit with comfortable surrounding seating. A simple fire pit consists of a gravel base for drainage, stone blocks for a surrounding wall, and possibly a large grill for open-flame grilling. A stone fire pit can also be integrated with a surrounding stone patio surface for seating made with the same materials. As for comfortable seating around the fire pit, you can opt for outdoor chairs or bench-style seating constructed from landscaping rock.

Movie Night Necessities

Dreaming of hosting an outdoor movie night in your backyard? Consider making your backyard movie night friendly as you go about your landscaping. If you’re building a shed in your backyard, for example, consider orienting it in such a way that a large white projector screen can be hung on one side. Or if you are planting trees in your backyard, consider spacing them at a distance that would make hanging a large white sheet from them a cinch. In addition, you could design an outdoor seating area in your backyard that can easily be adapted to seating for watching a movie outdoors.

In-Ground Pool

A pool in your very own backyard would also make your home the perfect space for a summer party. If you’re considering installing an in-ground pool in your backyard, keep in mind that the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to landscaping around your pool. An in-ground pool can feature stone details that are repeated in other landscaping elements throughout the backyard, such as retention walls and stone walkways.

Recreation Area

Want to treat guests at your home to a game of horseshoes or volleyball during the summer? These are both types of recreation areas that can easily be constructed with the right landscaping materials, such as medium coarse sand and wooden planks.

Shady Retreat

A grassy area surrounded by trees that provide ample shade is perfect for hot summer days when party guests need a cool-air retreat. When planning out the design of your backyard, be sure to include a grassy or patio-like space that can offer this type of refreshing shade.