Ideas for Your Terraced Landscaping

If your backyard contains hills or slopes, most likely you have run into drainage and erosion issues. One of the best ways to solve these problems is by incorporating some terraced landscaping. The steps and levels in terraced landscaping can make a huge difference in how your yard looks, as well as how it functions.

While there are some restrictions on how you can create your terraced landscaping according to the needs and demands of you yard as well as any city or country regulations, there are still numerous ways for you to create the look and feel that you want in your yard through your terraced landscaping. In this article we’ll take a look at just two of your options.

One great idea for your terraced landscaping is to create an outdoor room. These rooms best serve yards that need to have multiple terraces. If the space above your terrace (or your retaining wall) is level, consider installing a patio or a gazebo. Face the room so that there is a great view of surrounding trees, flowers, or even mountains in the distance. If you are building the wall, then consider building stone seats into the wall so that there is an easy pace to sit and relax. These seats provide great visual interest and come in handy whenever you want to entertain in your yard.

The second great idea is to incorporate plants into your terraced landscaping design. Planting vines will soften the harsh vertical lines of the retaining walls or any unsightly areas. Make sure that you pick vines that are appropriate for your climate and that do not go dormant during the winter. It is also wise to avoid plants that have aggressive roots, as they can spread out and damage your wall. Along with vines, another great option is arching plants. Arching plants (such as trailing rosemary) create a natural arch and can be easily placed on top of your retaining wall.

Their growth patterns also mean that they will not dig into or damage your walls. Just make sure that if you choose to incorporate plants that you have the room to take care of them. Low maintenance plants are your best options. There are many different ways that you can create a beautiful yard with a terraced landscaping. Let your imagination take flight as your create the perfect landscaping choices for your home and family.