How to Use Rocks in Your Landscaping

When most people think of landscaping, they think of grass, trees, and flowers. However, natural rocks can play an instrumental and beautiful component in any landscaping design. Not only is it extremely versatile, rocks can add texture and contrast to your overall yard, as well provide great ground cover. And to top it all off, rocks need little to no maintenance – making them an important tool in any landscaper’s design.

When using rocks in your landscaping, the first thing you need to consider the overall feel that you want to create. The size, shape, color, and type of rock that you choose will help contribute to the way the overall landscaping appears. For those with a more modern feel, black lava rocks are a great choice. Going for a tropical feel? Consider integrating flat terracotta stones.

If you want to create a more fairytale or fantasy feeling to your back yard, consider using stones as a boarder to a small pond. The rocks will work to both camouflage the liner of the pond and, if you pick the right colors, give a nice contrast to its dark waters.

Rocks can also be used to create a “living sculpture” feel. Choose rocks over mulch as the surrounding material for some of your favorite plants. Not only will they create a weed barrier, but they will also highlight and contrast the living plants.

If you have a particularly unusually shaped boulder, you can definitely make it a focal point in your yard or garden. Not only does it add a unique visual element to your space, but it can create a low-maintenance centerpiece.

Many homeowners have areas of their yards that have too much shade for any plants to grow. Rocks can help transform those areas from boring (or empty) to one that is visually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing. One of the easiest transformations happens by taking flat rocks and creating a path to your door. Contrast the larger stepping-stones with smaller rocks of different colors to give the area an extra boost of interest.

For those of you who want to make rocks the focal point of your landscaping, then consider “planting” a rock garden. The focal point of your garden should be two or three large boulders. Place them in an area with plenty of sun and fill in the gaps between the boulders with smaller stones and several different types of low-lying flowers (such as ground orchids). Rock gardens are particularly strong choices for landscapers who are working with small space restrictions. With all of their possibilities, rocks and stone can become an interesting and unique part of your landscaping.