How to Keep Your Yard Nice When You Have a Dog

In our humble opinion, having a yard is one of the best parts of owning a house. A nice yard is what makes a house a home, as it can be a wonderful place to use to relax, or for events with families and friends. The other great thing about having a yard is that it provides a place for us to have pets. While you can have a dog in an apartment or condo, there’s something much nicer about being able to have a yard for them to run and play in. However, as any dog and home-owner can tell you, dogs have a knack of being very destructive, and your yard is no exception to this. Here are some things to remember when trying to keep your yard nice with a dog...

Use pepper-based pet deterrents

Dogs have certain patterns that they like to follow as they run around the yard. Because of this, paths of spotted grass will begin to develop, which can make for an unattractive yard, as well as make furry little paws more susceptible to getting muddy. One simple solution for this problem is to use pepper-based pet deterrents (which can be purchased at most department stores). Using these deterrents on parts of your yard that are frequently getting ruined will give them a break, and make your dog avoid trotting over the same spots of grass.

Digging may be a sign of anxiety

Another way that dogs like to cause trouble is to dig. While this can be a very natural behavior for a dog, there are several reasons that they might be doing it. Of course, dogs will naturally dig out of curiosity, and if they feel like there is a small animal, or something else, under the ground. However, if dogs are frequently digging for no reason, it may also be a sign of anxiety and boredom. Learn to recognize how your dog is feeling, and work to relieve this anxiety so that they don’t feel the need to direct it into destructive behavior.

Clean up after your dog, regularly

Part of being a dog owner means picking up after them. You should be striving to pick up your dog’s poop several times a week, on a regular basis. This will make it a much more manageable chore, but can also protect your grass developing dead spots, which can be caused by dogs’ fecal matter.