How to Create a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are enchanting miniature gardens that incorporates teeny tiny elements to create a home for fairy friends. They are a magical, adorable, and fun way to show off your green thumb. Fairy gardens also are a fun project to do with your kids! Read on to learn how to start your very own fairy garden.

Select Your Container Fairy gardens can be put in nearly any container, a gardening pot, old dishes, a sink, bath tub, planter box, wheelbarrow, etc. The bigger your container, the bigger your fairy garden will be. Remember to include drainage holes in your container.

Decide Where Your Garden Will Be

Do you want an indoor or outdoor fairy garden? If you choose outdoor, you should plan to place it in some shelter to protect your little garden from the elements, but you will also need to consider your plants and their growing requirements. If you want an indoor garden, you will need to make sure that your garden receives adequate sunlight.

Pick a Theme

Do you want a beachside escape for your little fairies, or a woodland retreat? Once you have picked your theme, it is easier to find accessories and plants to match.

The Best Plants

You can use virtually any plants in your fairy garden, but it is a wise idea to choose plants that have the same growing requirements. Some of the best plants for fairy gardens are: mini succulents, moss, herbs, English Boxwood, Baby Tears, Japanese Holly, miniature conifers, etc. Just don’t put them all in the same garden! Visit your local plant nursery for ideas.

Finding Accessories

You can either find or make fairy garden accessories. If you’re planning on making accessories, you can paint rocks to look like homes, cut wood into benches and other accessories, craft accessories with clay or other materials, or repurpose things around the home. Make sure that you use sturdy materials that will withstand the elements. If you don’t want to make accessories, you can check out your local plant nursery or craft store for miniature models. Just make sure that they all have the same scale, or your garden will look mismatched.

Plot It Out

Once you have your accessories gathered and you know what plants you want to use, map out a plan for your little fairy garden. Where would you like the plants to be in comparison to your accessories? Do you have a garden walkway in your plans? Is everything going to fit or do you need a different container?


Start by filling your container with potting soil. Plant your plants according to your design. Lastly, add the accessories. Make sure that you visit your garden daily to weed it, prune the plants, and water it as needed.