5 Stunning Ideas for Edging Garden Beds

With summer almost here, many homeowners are thinking about how they can spruce up their lawns for better curb appeal. While smart lawn mowing is one surefire way to get your lawn looking great, adding a beautiful garden edge is what will truly set your lawn apart from the rest, giving it more definition and texture. Here is a look at 5 creative and stunning ideas for lawn edging around garden beds.

Gabion Wall

Gabion wall is easier to install than you might think, and it can actually be quite fun picking out the right rocks for it. It’s especially stunning when used to line raised garden beds. To create a DIY gabion wall, all you need are concrete mesh, galvanized wire, tie wire, and lots of rocks in various shapes and sizes. You’ll use the mesh and wire to essentially create a “cage,” and then you’ll install that cage along the edge your garden bed before filling it with assorted rock.

Natural Stone

For a more natural look, you might instead opt to line the edges of your garden beds with medium sized stones. After creating a distinct edge between your lawn and garden bed, simply lay about a foot’s width of stones all along the edge of your garden bed.

Dry Creek Bed

If you want to work with pebbles, you might consider creating a dry creek bed along the edge of your garden bed. Start by lining the very edge of your garden bed with some larger stones, and then create the other edge of your dry creek bed about a foot or two in. Then fill the area between the larger stones with smooth pebbles.

Brick Edging

Bricks and pavers come in a variety of colors and textures, and you can use them to create brick edging for your garden beds. You might install pavers vertically along the edge of your garden bed to create a very low “wall,” and then install pavers horizontally just next to those along the lawn edge for an elegant look—and to provide a convenient surface for mowing the grass.

Metal Edging

For those who want something simple and inexpensive, there is metal edging. Metal edging creates a thin barrier between your garden bed and lawn. It goes down below the soil line to prevent crabgrass and weeds from creeping into the garden bed.