Give Your Yard a “Rockin’” Makeover

There are so many new ways to revamp your yard—it can sometimes get exhausting trying to distinguish what is best. There are the usual flowers, shrubs, trees, and patios, but have you ever thought of using rocks, particularly crushed rocks, to give your yard a new “rockin’” look? There are so many different varieties, from Tuscan red landscape rock to finely crushed granite to sea salt quartz decorative rock to paver sand. And they can be used for an endless amount of styles. Here are just a few ideas of how you can use crushed rock to revitalize your landscape.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones add a charming and quaint feel to any landscape. You can create a stepping stone path using round stones with moss underneath for an English cottage feel or rectangle dark stones with crushed granite for a modern twist. Crushed stones look great with these stepping stones next to a garden, fire pit, or pool. You can even incorporate some moss with the crushed rock to blend styles together. Have fun with the stepping stones—create mosaics on them for a youthful touch to your yard.

Zen Gardens

Zen gardens are known for their feelings of tranquility and relaxation created by flow, order, and simplicity. Rocks are one of the stars of the zen garden—they are often called Japanese rock gardens after all. Crushed rocks can be used under a small bridge, in between patches of green foliage, as a pathway, and in potted plants. Pea gravel often works well for these purposes. Sand is also a main component of the zen garden as it is raked to imitate waves of water. Play sand works well for this purpose. Zen gardens can add a unique touch to your yard while also providing a peaceful getaway.


Crushed rocks make excellent looking driveways. The rocks add refinement and class that concrete just can’t match. You can add a splash of color to your driveway using red rock or grey rock. Cottonwood granite is a perfect choice for driveways because of its beautiful mixture of oranges, red, browns, greys, and blacks. To retain the gravel, you can add larger rocks to the ends of your driveway and liner along the sides.

You might be thinking “Great, thanks for all these ideas. But, rocks are so expensive!” Not to worry. There are many inexpensive ways to purchase a wide selection of high-quality rocks from us. You may be surprised how a few simple changes to your yard using rocks can give it the “rockin’” makeover you’ve always wanted.