Fixing Common Drainage Issues in Your Yard

Spring storms and run-offs are often a time when you discover drainage problems in your yard. These issues can cause problems with your landscaping and, if left untreated, cause larger issues with your home and yard. Here’s a look at two of the most common drainage problems and some easy solutions.

Standing Water

Standing water is when you have pools of water collecting in specific areas of your yard. This problem is created when areas of your yard lie at a lower elevation than the rest. These lower areas collect water during rainstorms and run-off, keeping the area consistently wet and unusable for landscaping. One of the easiest ways to fix standing water issues is to create a French drain below the ground. A French drain involves installing a perforated pipe in the area of lowest elevation. This helps divert the water to another location. When you install the French drain, it is important that you dig a trench that has a consistent downward slope. This will help the water flow correctly. You can even connect several French drains through a series of pipes, migrating all the extra water into the area of your choice.

Streaming Water

Another common drainage problem is streaming water. Streaming water happens when your yard has a distinct slope. The water starts in the point of highest elevation and travels downwards. Streaming water can cause erode or “wash out” these areas of your yard, making it difficult to grow grass or other plants. A French drain can also help solve your streaming water problem. A French drain placed underneath your highest point of elevation will prevent the water from streaming down your yard by diverting the water into an underground drain. By fixing these two common drainage problems, you can ensure that your yard is always looking its best and ready for your beautiful landscaping.