Finding the Perfect Topsoil

The writer-philosopher Ralph Waldo Emmerson is quoted as saying “What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.” There are numerous benefits to becoming a gardener — the euphoria one feels when they see Spring’s first chutes; the satisfaction of toiling in the dirt and harnessing one’s strength to improve the land; the fulfillment of negotiating with Mother Nature to see things grow strong. Perhaps the best part of being a gardener is uncovering those latent virtues that are hidden from those who don’t understand the earth.

Beautiful Symmetry

Perhaps better than anyone, gardeners have the opportunity to appreciate how all the elements and systems of the earth work together to bring about a luscious and fruitful yield. Weather, climate, location, even atmospheric pressure and environmental events, all coalesce to produce the crops and flowers that we labor so hard to enjoy. Examples include:
  • A volcano erupts on one side of the world and blows rich nutrients for miles, making the ground better for growing. 
  • This same eruption also affects the global climate, heating or cooling parts of the planet.
  • Plants and animals die naturally, and their remains fertilize the ground. The same is said for a compost heap full of rich natural elements.
  • Earthquakes bring the ocean floor to the surface, ripe for growing with all its many nutrients.
Each of these events can have a measurable influence on what type of plants a person can be expected to get in a certain region or during a certain year; so much depends on the area’s precipitation or the quality of the soil. In fact, topsoil might be one of the most important elements that a gardener is concerned about, so important is it in germinating their seeds.

The Perfect Topsoil

When cultivating the best topsoil, there are numerous factors to consider that could have widespread ramifications on the healthiness of your plants’ roots and the quality of their fruits, vegetables, and tubers.


Ultimately, topsoil is just what its name implies — the uppermost layer of dirt that covers the earth’s crust. In large part, its color will tell you what type of sediments and minerals are found there. 
  • Brown soil might indicate a large amount of dead or decaying plant material, such as on the floor of a forest. It is rich in carbon and other nutrients and the darker the better. 
  • Red soil, on the other hand, indicates a high concentration of iron oxide. 
  • White soil proves an abundance of salts, such as gypsum and magnesium carbonate. 
Getting your soil tested to identify exactly what is in it is the perfect way to identify the good soil and make sure that you are starting off on the right foot when landscaping for your Utah home. 

Little Critters

Any gardener will tell you when they are inspecting their yard before landscaping that a healthy dose of crawlies in the soil is a good thing. This is important to identify before bringing the U-cart in to start any major work involving machinery or concrete. You want to make sure that you’re protecting the good soil that you have. 
  • Earthworms are crucial to good topsoil, as they aerate the dirt and gather where there is an abundance of nutrients. They like to live about six inches under the surface.
  • Beetles are like the soldiers that protect your soil from the other insects that would feed off your greenery, like grasshoppers and moths.
  • Bees and wasps each perform different, important functions from pollinating your flowers to feeding on caterpillars and hornworms that would gobble up your veggies.
Checking for bugs is a great way to see if you’re on the right track or not with how your cultivation is coming along. 

Bring in the Professionals

With all the landscaping work you have to do for your Utah home, it might feel overwhelming to tackle everything yourself, or even to find an expert who can wear multiple hats at once. Our team at Asphalt Materials aren’t just the best at making sure you have the concrete cart tow-behind you need for the big projects — they’re also great at advising you on your topsoil.
  • Asphalt Materials doesn’t just sell rocks or rent out U-carts. We also provide first-class topsoil mixtures
  • Each of our products has a finely-tuned blend of minerals and to promote drainage and boost pH levels.
It might seem antithetical for the team who gets you your concrete cart tow-behinds to also be your best resource for adding a healthy layer of topsoil in your garden, but once you see the quality of our mixtures you will be overjoyed at the potential of your soil this year. Give us a call today to get more information on which mixture is right for your needs.