Fantastic Halloween Yard Decorations

When it comes to Halloween decorations, you must commit. No trick-or-treater likes the house with one jack-o-lantern as the decoration. You might be stressed for time this year or have a tight budget. Thankfully, we have a lot of great ideas that will help you easily and cheaply fill your yard with the cutest or scariest Halloween items.


Perhaps you have little kids or you’re not a huge fan of the gory and scary Halloween decorations. This is when the cute decorations are right for you. There are endless ideas for decorating your yard this way.

Glowing eyes: Use toilet paper rolls and glow sticks. Cut out eyes in the toilet paper rolls and put glow sticks in them. Make sure to get all different colors of glow sticks—red, green, purple, and more. Then hide these around the yard. They look great in your bushes and trees, and it will give your trick-or-treaters a little spook to see those eyes when they come for some candy.

Monster tree: This is possibly the easiest way to decorate your tree this Halloween. Make two white beach balls into eyeballs using a black sharpie to draw the pupils and put them high up in you evergreen tree. It will look like your tree is alive!

Hanging glow balls: These are an interesting and unique Halloween decoration, but also very time-efficient and budget-friendly. Put small glow sticks in balloons and fill the balloons with water. Then slide the balloons into white stockings and hang them from your trees and porch. They will look like glowing, drooping eggs of a monster and add a cool aesthetic appeal to your yard.

Directions: Make a street sign with decorations to all the different iconic Halloween places. Make signs pointing to Hogwarts, Halloweentown, Salem, Sleepy Hollow, and Elm Street.

Scary: Maybe you like the goblins, ghouls, and ghosts that come with Halloween and you want to make your yard spooky and scary. Here are some excellent ideas.

Spiders: You can make a huge spider guarding the front door or a colony of spiders on your lawn. Make them out of a milk jug, black tape, and pipe insulation. You can glue feathers from a black boa to make them hairy or you could paint the top of the taped milk jug green or red. Don’t forget the cobwebs with the spiders. Your yard will look like a spider jungle.

Sleepy Hollow: Make a headless horseman with a cape and old clothing and paint the clothing with glow in the dark paint. Then place a carved jack-o-lantern at the foot of the horseman. It will look creepy and awesome in your yard.

Pirates: Do you have an old canoe or kayak lying around? Put two skeletons in it and dress them up like pirates. Have one row the oars and place the other’s hands around a treasure chest. It will look spooky and fun and the trick-or-treaters will love it.

Make sure your landscape is the best it can be as you’re creating all of these Halloween decorations. We offer the best deals to help you spruce up your yard this fall season.