Creating Your Children’s Dream Playground

Backyards and children go together like milk and chocolate. A backyard can provide endless hours of fun, exciting, and safe entertainment. In a world where more and more kids are addicted to television, video games, and other technologies, it is more important than ever to create a backyard that is inviting to your children and full of endless possibilities. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the basic principles of creating a dream playground in your very own backyard.

When imagining your new playground, it is important that you take a good, hard look at your space. In order to be most effective a playground should be built on a level surface. It should also be located within viewing and hearing distance of the house so that you can provide constant supervision whenever the children are playing.

Once you have picked the perfect area, you need to pick the surface. Safe surfaces will absorb the impact from any potential falls and will result in far fewer injuries. Materials such as foam padding, sand or rubber mulch are great choices.

At this point you are ready to pic out your equipment. Take your children’s ages and abilities into consideration. Never pick equipment that is beyond their capabilities as this will most likely lead to injuries. You can always buy and install more equipment as your children get older to keep the playground inviting.

Always make sure that you plan for weather. This includes inclement weather like rain, but also intense sun. Putting sheltered places either in your playground or over the entire structure will ensure that you children will want to play there all year round.

Be imaginative. Playgrounds do not only have to consist of manufactured swings or slides. Sandboxes, hammocks, zip lines, and playhouses are all great things to include in your playground. These features will help foster your children’s imaginations.

Once your playground is installed, make sure that you perform routine and regular inspections. This will ensure that everything is in working order and that none of the children are injured due to a loose screw or jagged edge.

Finally, don’t just concentrate on the playground area. Take the surrounding landscaping into consideration. Remember that kids do not often pay attention to things beneath their feet, so a playground is not the ideal spot for any prized plants, flowers, or sculptures. Include plants that are durable and low-maintenance. And don’t forget a comfortable bench or lounging area for any adult supervisors.