Compost & Mulch

When planting your garden and designing your yard, it is natural that you want every area to look its best. One of the best ways to ensure a healthy, vibrant landscape is to use compost and mulch. Compost and mulch help give your plants the extra nutrients that they need in order to grow healthy and strong. As the gardener, it’s important to pick the right compost for your situation.

Some compost is the most helpful during the preparation of the soil. Fertimulch, a poultry compost blend, is best added to the soil being prepared for vegetable gardens during the tilling process. Fertimulch adds organic matter and nutrients back into the soil that may have been depleted, helps loosen clay soils, and creates a strong and healthy base for your needs.

Another great compost is the Soil Prep Conditioner. This compost can be blended into your existing soil or laid as a top dressing. It also helps improve your topsoil because it adds nutrients, helps retain soil moisture, insulates roots, conditions the soil, retards the growth of weeds, and reduces soil erosion.

Once your seeds are in the ground, a layer of shredded bark mulch or natural bark can help your plants grow healthy and strong. Bark, like the soil prep conditioner, will help retain soil moisture, insulate plant roots, prevent soil erosion, and retard the growth of weeds. Shredded bark mulch works well in hilly areas while natural bark can be used in play areas. In addition to being used gardens, bark can also be used in potted plants and as a ground cover for patios and walkways.

By adding compost and mulch into your landscaping, you will see a huge difference in the quality and health of your plants and flowers, increasing the beauty and majesty of any yard or garden.