April showers bring May flowers

Spring is in full swing and here at Asphalt Materials we are certain we have the products for your lawn and garden to flourish!
  • Premium Organic Compost (OMRI Certified) – Premium Organic Compost is a blend of composted forest products and black peat moss. Premium Organic Compost adds organic matter and nutrients to rebuild depleted soils, it also works great as a top dressing or to blend into existing soils.
  • Nutri-Mulch – Nutri-Mulch (Turkey Compost Blend) is a custom blend of composted turkey manure, organics and forest products. Nutri-Mulch is perfect for tilling into vegetable gardens before planting, helps loosen clay soils, and is a great source to add natural organics and mineral nutrients with lower salts. Nutrimulch comes in a rich brown coloring, and is recommended to spread 1”-3” and till into garden areas, 6”-9” deep.
  • Soil Pep Conditioner – Soil Pep is an all-natural conditioning compost blend of soil nutrient rich bark fines. Primarily made from Douglas Fir with some Larch and Ponderosa Pine. Soil Pep Creates a natural image, retards weed growth, retains soil moisture, insulates roots from extreme temperatures, reduces soil erosion, and helps with soil conditioning.
  • Screened Topsoil - Are you looking to fill some holes? Lay sod? How about raising your garden beds? Look no further, we have the perfect product for you. Screened Topsoil is a light to medium brown colored topsoil that has so many great qualities.
  • Topsoil Blend - Topsoil Blend is a light/medium colored topsoil that is great for raising height your gardens/flowerbed, replace or enrich depleted soils, adds organic material and nutrients to existing soils. Topsoil Blend contains a custom blend of sandy loam topsoil, manure compost, fine mulch, and soil pep conditioner. Topsoil Blend can be used in containers along with garden boxes and gardens.
  • Topsoil Mountain Blend - With spring right around the corner don’t forget to pick up some of the Topsoil Mountain Blend. Mountain Blend is a beautiful dark rich soil, it is perfect to replace or enrich depleted soils in your garden, it contains black mountain peat moss to release moisture to your garden as needed. The dark color will enhance the color of your garden as the perfect finishing touch.  
  • Shredded Dyed Mulch – Shredded Mulch is a blend of shredded dyed wood: dyed wood helps hold color with the natural aroma and look of fresh tree bark. Shredded Mulch stays in place on hillsides and helps reduce erosion. Shredded Mulch works well to create a natural imagine, retards weed growth, retains soil moisture, and helps with soil conditioning. Mulch comes in Black & Brown.
  • Small Natural BarkAll natural decorative bark, consisting of Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, with some Larch. Creates a natural look and helps with weed control, retains soil moisture and insulates plant roots from extreme temperatures. It also reduces soil erosion and helps with soil conditioning.
These products are available for pick up & delivery.