5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Patio

Of all of the spaces in your backyard, your patio is probably the place that gets the most wear and tear. Children or grandkids playing with chalk, riding their bikes and throwing things, as well as the normal wear and tear from adults. Patio furniture causing scuffs, dropping heavy things and causing cracks, and a lot of use, can easily make your patio look dingy. If your patio is in need of a little makeover, here are a few easy ways to transform your patio!

Fill in the cracks

Buy some self-leveling caulk(about $6 a tube) and fill in all of the cracks in your patio! This will not only make your patio look better, but it will help your patio last longer! You can use this same caulk for steps, walkways, and any other area that has cracked concrete.

Paint your patio

Sometimes what your patio really needs is just a new look. Sweep and wash down your patio to remove as much dirt and debris as possible, and then add a fresh coat of paint to your patio. You can just choose a neutral color, add a design, or even find a stencil and paint a pattern onto your patio. It’s easy and the results are stunning.

Build a new outdoor coffee table

Patio furniture can get really expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make your own outdoor coffee table for very little, and it will only take a few hours. Find an old galvanized bucket at a thrift store(or use one you have stored in your garage!), and top it with stained lumber. Plywood or white wood at your local home improvement store isn’t expensive, and you can have them cut it for you! You can do a square shape, rectangle, or even a circular table.

Add hanging lights

Adding new lighting is a great way to add some more life and interest to your outdoor patio. You can simply hang fairy lights from your pergola, or you can create hanging lights out of old terra cotta pots, add tiki torches, or even outdoor lamps.

Make a fire pit

A fire pit amid your patio, or close to your patio, will instantly make over you backyard. For about $60, you can create a simple fire pit with just concrete bricks and some concrete glue, and within a few hours, you’ll have a fire pit to roast marshmallows over all summer.