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Business Credit Application

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for accounts 90 days PAST DUE

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I/We hereby authorize Asphalt Materials to make any inquiries it deems necessary to the above application for credit. I/We understand and agree that all materials purchased on account shall be paid for on or before 30 days. We authorize credit card payment for invoices 90 days past due. Interest shall be charged on unpaid balances in the amount of 1/2% per month till paid. In the event that collection by legal process becomes necessary, I/We agree to pay all costs of collection; including attorney fees, court costs, and other collection costs.

In consideration of the extension of credit to the above applicant(s), I/We agree to personally guarantee payment of any indebtedness incurred by applicants in the event of default by applicants. The undersigned agrees to all of the terms set forth above and understands that asphalt materials shall not be required to attempt collection from applicant(s) first, it is further agreed that this guaranty shall be a continuing guaranty and may only be revoked by the undersigned in writing and mailed to the address of Asphalt Materials, Inc. at P.O. Box 5, West Jordan, Utah, 84084.