Soil Pep Conditioner

Soil Prep Conditioner
  • Great for a top dressing or to blend into existing soil.
  • All natural conditioning compost blend of soil nutrient rich bark fines. Primarily Douglas Fir with some Larch and Ponderosa Pine.
  • Larch and Ponderosa Pine.
  • Creates a natural image, retards weed growth, retains soil moisture, insulates roots from extreme temperatures, reduces soil erosion, and helps with soil conditioning.
  • Rich dark brown color. Fresh and clean.
  • Adds organic substance to soils & helps aerate soils.
  • Provides valuable nutrients
  • Use as a ground cover, natural landscaping, potted plant decor, patios and walkway areas.

$51/YARD – 1 yard min charge per load picked up

  • Posted Price is for Customer to pick up the material. Delivery Charges are extra. Please call for delivery pricing. (2 cubic yard minimum order for delivery)

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