Soil Pep Conditioner

Soil Pep Conditioner
  • Great for a top dressing or to blend into existing soil.
  • All natural conditioning compost blend of soil nutrient rich bark fines. Primarily Douglas Fir with some Larch and Ponderosa Pine.
  • Larch and Ponderosa Pine.
  • Creates a natural image, retards weed growth, retains soil moisture, insulates roots from extreme temperatures, reduces soil erosion, and helps with soil conditioning.
  • Rich dark brown color. Fresh and clean.
  • Adds organic substance to soils & helps aerate soils.
  • Provides valuable nutrients
  • Use as a ground cover, natural landscaping, potted plant decor, patios and walkway areas.

$55.00/YARD – 1 yard min charge per load picked up

  • Posted Price is for Customer to pick up the material. Delivery Charges are extra. Please call for delivery pricing. (2 cubic yard minimum order for delivery)

Approximate Weight per cubic yard: 700 lbs

Soil Pep Conditioner Calculator

These calculators are designed to give approximate amounts only. They will help you determine the quantity you
need; however, variations in subgrade, compaction of subgrade, or inaccurate measurements, even a quarter of an
inch, can make a difference.









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