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Rotomill 1/2″ Crushed Asphalt

  • 1/2″ crushed recycled asphalt.
  • Black Color. Uniform look.
  • Used for parking areas.
  • Can be used as a sub-base material.
  • For best results compact material.
  • Best Coverage spread 2 – 3″ deep.

$25/TON – $30 min charge per load picked up

Approximate Weight per cubic yard (loose): 2600 lbs (1.3 tons)

Depending on how tightly you compact it, compaction could require up to 20% – 30% more.

  • Posted Price is for customers to pick up the material. Delivery Charges are extra. Please call for delivery pricing. (2 ton minimum order for delivery)

Rotomill 1/2″ Crushed Asphalt Calculator

These calculators are designed to give approximate amounts only. They will help you determine the quantity you need; however, variations in subgrade, compaction of subgrade, or inaccurate measurements, even a quarter of an inch of depth, can make a difference.

This product must be placed at 2” depth MINIMUM.







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