Rejuvit Concrete Resurfacer

Magnesium Asphalt Lutes


  • Rejuvit Concrete Resurfacer
  • Rejuvit is a gilsonite modified concrete resurfacer
  • Available in 1 Gallon Size or 5 Gallon Size
  • Rejuvenates and seals concrete pavement protecting them against water, moisture, and deicing salts
  • Rejuvit is formulated with special polymers, gilsonite modified asphalt emulsion, and additives the preserve and beautify pavements
  • Coverage per gallon is approximately 100 square feet, but may vary due to age, surface condition and porosity of the concrete
  • Use to seal aged and slightly spalled concrete pavements to protect the concrete surface from water damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles, stains from dirt, deicing salts, oil, and other contaminants.
  • Entends pavement surface life
  • Professional Grade Formula
  • Fills slightly spalled surfaces in concrete pavements
  • Envronmentally friendly formula
  • Polymer modified for excellent adhesion to pavement surfaces
  • Downloadable Rejuvit Concrete Resufacer Brochure
  • Downloadable Rejuvit Concrete Resufacer Job example

1 Gallon $24.00 Each + Tax

5 Gallon $92.00 Each + Tax

  • Posted Price is for Customer to pick up the Product

Common uses– Rejuvenate Concrete Surface

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