Firepit Block

Firepit Block
Description These Firepit blocks will ignite the brilliance of your landscape. This is for the stone blocks only and does not come pre-assembled. Customers will assemble pieces on their site.

  • Applications: Round Fire Pit
  • Can be used to make a 3 tier or 4 tier firepit
  • Blocks per tier: 18
  • Thickness of blocks: 4 inch
  • Makes a 30″ inside diameter firepit (48 inch outside diameter)

3 Tier Block only $200.00 + tax

4 Tier Block only $265.00 + tax

  • Stock not guaranteed and lead times may vary. Call to inquire about stocked quantities or current lead times.
  • Colors Available from Asphalt Materials: Granite, Harvest Blend or Mixture of the two.

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