Polymeric Sand

Polymeric Sand

    Available in 50lb bags

  • Pickup at West Jordan Landscape Center
  • Colors Available

  • Black $45.00 Each + Tax

  • Granite $28.00 Each + Tax

  • Tan $27.00 Each + Tax


  • Can be used for paver joints up to 2″ thick
  • Concrete Paver Joints
  • Driveway Joints
  • Walkway Joints
  • Patio Joints

How to use


    Step 1

  • 1A. Install pavers using manufacturer’s guidelines for bedding, leveling and installation. Fully clean off debris from the project area.
  • 1B. Installations should have a proper drainage layer of sand with a depth of 1″ (2.54 cm). In addition, weep holes need to be added to concrete overlays.
  • 1C. If existing project, properly clean out joints before applying polymeric sand and skip to step 3.
  • Step 2

  • 2A. Compact pavers thoroughly using a rubber-plated compactor.
  • 2B. If compactor is not rubber-plated, cover pavers with a woven fabric while compacting to help protect paver surface from damage.
  • 2C. Pavers must be completely dry before installing polymeric sand. Wait 24 hours after rain.
  • Application

      Step 3

    • 3A. Gently tumble bag, then cut the bottom and apply Pavermate Polymeric Sand evenly over the surface.
    • 3B. Spread sand into joints, completely filling to the full depth of the pavers.
    • 3C. Avoid pushing sand over long distances.
    • 3D. Remove excess sand from surface of pavers before compacting.
    • Step 4

    • A. Compact filled joints using a rubber-plated compactor.
    • 4B. Repeat compacting and filling (steps 3A – 4A) if necessary.
    • Step 5

    • 5A. Remove excess sand from paver surface using a soft bristle broom and set the joint height with a leaf blower on idle.
    • 5B. Once complete, joint height should be filled to 1/8″ (.32 cm) below the top of the paver.
    • Activation

      Step 6

    • 6A. Working in sections up to 200 sq. ft. (18.58 sq. m.), water the section for a total of 2 minutes.
    • 6B. Do not allow the section to dry during the 2 minute watering:
    • 6C. MIST: Use hose with a sprayer attachment set to “mist” or similar light setting. Mist area until the surface is wet.
    • 6D. SHOWER: Next, set hose to “light shower” to allow more water over the area. Repeat shower two times over the section.
    • Step 7

    • 7A. Use a screwdriver to test for proper moisture depth of at least 1″ (2.54 cm). If depth is not achieved, immediately wet the area with a shower setting.
    • 7B. Once moisture depth is achieved, blow off excess water using a leaf blower.
    • Step 8

    • 8A. Rain safe 10 minutes after joint activation.
    • 8B. A flexible joint is a sign that reaction has occurred but is not completely cured.
    • 8C. A dry environment is important to allow joints to fully cure. For best performance, install when no rain is forecasted for 24 hours.
    • 8D. Wait 28 days prior to cleaning or sealing.

    • Narrow Joints Typical coverage is 55 – 75 sq. ft. (5.11 – 6.97 sq. m.) per bag.
    • Wide Joints Typical coverage is 20 – 30 sq. ft. (1.86 – 2.79 sq. m.) per bag.
    • Coverage will vary depending on joint depths and widths. This coverage is for reference only and is not guaranteed.
    • Notes

    • Temperature Requirement Temperatures must remain above 32°F (0°C) throughout installation and curing.
    • Wet Areas Not recommended for wet/heavily shaded areas. Do not use on pool copings.
    • Curing For best results, wait 28 days after installation before cleaning and sealing.

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