Kold-Flo Asphalt Crack Filler

Kold-Flo Asphalt Crack Filler


  • Kold-Flo Asphalt Crack Filler
  • 1 Gallon Size
  • Prevents cracks from becoming potholes
  • Ready to use – No heating required
  • Minimal Preparation
  • Coverage per gallon 1/4″ Crack x 1/4″ deep = 300 Linear Feet. 1/2″ Crack x 1/2″ deep = 75 Linear Feet. 3/4″ Crack x 3/4″ deep = 25 Linear Feet.
  • When properly applied KOLD FLO may be driven over after 30 minutes of completed application.
  • KOLD FLO is a safe and convenient material for filling cracks without needing special equipment or training
  • Downloadable Kold-Flo Information
  • Downloadable Kold-Flo Instructions & FAQ
  • Downloadable Kold-Flo Brochure

$20.00 Each + Tax

  • Posted Price is for Customer to pick up the Product

Common uses– Kold-Flo Asphalt Crack Filler is easy to use. Simply prepare area by cleaning out debris from the crack either by sweeping or blowing. This allows Kold Flo to completely fill the damaged area. Using the 1 gallon bottle pour Kold Flo into the crack 3/4 of the length. Wait a few minutes to allow the Kold Flo to seep completely down into the crack. Then using a U shape squeegie push Kold Flow into the crack and down the remaining length. For cracks deeper than 2″ a 2nd application may be needed.

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