Concrete w/Rebar, Wire, or Mesh Digout

Import Concrete
  • Concrete w/Rebar, Wire, or Mesh Digout
  • Loads may NOT contain any wood product, tree roots, garbage, plastic, or ANY sod pieces.
  • Customer unloads their own material
  • Unable to Accept– Concrete Circular Piping, Pillars, or Light Post bases (There is too much metal and too little concrete in these items for our recycling purposes). Fence Post pieces that have the metal posts – Please Remove the concrete from the posts and take the posts elsewhere for disposal. We will accept the concrete but not the posts.

$40.00/TON – $10.00 min charge per load


Description– Concrete w/Rebar, Wire, or Mesh Digout is Concrete chunks removed by the customer and brought in for disposal / recycling that contain any amount of rebar, wire, or mesh. Concrete is then recycled into Road Base or occasionally at times into Crushed Concrete.

Please Note– Loads will be inspected prior to going to our recycling area for drop off. Loads containing unacceptable items will be rejected and the customer will be instructed to take it somewhere else.

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