Clean Asphalt w/Petromat Digout

Import Concrete
  • Asphalt Digout with Petromat
  • May not be mixed with any dirt, road base, or asphalt if to be considered clean
  • Loads may NOT contain any wood product, tree roots, garbage, plastic, or ANY sod pieces.
  • Petromat is the fabric layer occasionally placed under asphalt
  • Customer unloads their own material

$6.50/TON – $10.00 min charge per load


Description– Clean Asphalt w/Petromat Digout is Asphalt chunks removed by the customer and brought in for disposal / recycling that contain the petromat fabric layer attached to the asphalt chunks. Asphalt is then recycled back into new fresh hot mix asphalt.

Please Note– Loads will be inspected prior to going to our recycling area for drop off. Loads containing unacceptable items will be rejected and the customer will be instructed to take it somewhere else.

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