Asphalt Lutes / Asphalt Rakes

Magnesium Asphalt Lutes


  • Magnesium Asphalt Lutes also called Asphalt Rakes
  • Available in 7′ Lengths & 8’4″ Lengths
  • 1 1/2″ Thick Heavy Duty Handles
  • Lightweight and Rugged Design
  • These Magnesium Lutes have the strength and spring of steel and yet are one third lighter than aluminum.
  • The magnesium handles and bars are resistant to abrasion and dissipate heat.
  • The lute bar’s serrated edge is formed with slightly blunted points and rounded notches to permit material to pass through without jamming.

$67.00 Each

  • Posted Price is for Customer to pick up the lutes.

Common uses– Asphalt Paving & Patching, Landscaping, spreading sand & gravel, and maintenance.

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