Sunrise Flagstone Selects

  • Quartzite flagstone ranging in size from 1 1/4” to 2”.Same parent material as Sandstone slabs.
  • Common uses- Patios, pathways, benches, waterfalls, sculptures, steps, dry stack retaining walls, stone veneer, and fire pits.
  • Pairs well with these products- Sandstone slabs, Southtown 2”, Southtown 1 ½”, Southtown 3” to 4”, Glacier Cobble 2 ½”, Santa Fe Cobble’s, Mountain Rose, Mexican Beach Pebbles, Rainbow Beach Cobble, Flagstone Chips and Sunburst.
  • Common installation practices- This flagstone product is identical to the Sunrise Flagstone Patio 1 ¼” to 2” except with larger pieces. It is best to use selects on larger scale projects where you have a large surface area. It is possible to make selects appear like large slabs on a patio or walkway. This product will typically come on much heavier pallets and the stone will always be stacked on its edge to help prevent breakage.

$1,000.00 per pallet

Please Note

  • Individual pieces of Sunrise Selects are not always available
  • Pallet Coverage

  • Each pallet will cover approximately 200 – 230 square feet
  • Coverage may vary
  • Description– Sunrise Flagstone Selects are a blond quartzite sandstone that is very hard and durable. Its red, brown and rust colored marbling make it a very striking addition to any landscape setting. These are large pieces.

    Pairs well with these products

    Common uses– Decorative blond sandstone hardscape material

    Common installation practices

    Please Note– We Recommend that Customers should come down and look at product in person before ordering. Also this is natural rock and with that colors can fluctuate slightly as digging moves across the different veins in the mountain. Therefore even the same rock over time may have slightly different colors.

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