Concrete Cart Rental Requirements:

    • Customer Vehicle must be rated as a 1/2 ton or larger. Such as F150, Ram 1500, Chevy 1500, GMC 1500, etc.
    • The Carts take a 2″ Ball Hitch to be towed with (Bumper hitches are not acceptable)
    • The Renter/ Driver of the vehicle must have a valid driver’s license and that must be provided to Asphalt Materials to have on record.
    • A Valid Credit Card is required to be on file during the rental of the Concrete Carts.


Concrete Cart Carrying Capacity

    • The Concrete Carts can carry between 1/4 cubic yard and 1 1/4 cubic yards.

Concrete Cart Required Towing Capacities

Yards of Concrete

Required Minimum Towing Capacity

1/4 Cubic Yard 2500 Pounds
1/2 Cubic Yard 3500 Pounds
3/4 Cubic Yard 4600 Pounds
1 Cubic Yard 5700 Pounds
1 1/4 Cubic Yard 6900 Pounds


Use of Concrete Carts

      • The Concrete Carts come with a rental period of 2 1/2 Hours or until close of business day if less than 2 1/2 hours is remaining when rental begins. Late charges will be billed for any amount beyond rental time given.
      • No Dye is allowed to be used in the Concrete Carts.
      • Concrete Carts shall only be used with Concrete supplied by Asphalt Materials Inc.


Concrete Mixes Available

      • 5 Bag Mix
      • 6 Bag Mix
      • 7 Bag Mix


Concrete Calculator

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