Asphalt Products

As our name implies: we offer quality asphalt materials and products along with our wide selection of landscaping products. Here, you'll find information on some of the asphalt products we offer.

Asphalt Consultation Assessment

Do you have questions about asphalt? Whether amateur or professional: we can save you time and money. Talk to us before you contact a contractor and we'll make sure you understand what to expect from the process. We also offer professional grade asphalt sealant. For additional information, pricing or to purchase, don't hesitate to Contact Us!
hot asphalt repair crew

Hot Asphalt

A paving and patching material primarily used in road construction, driveways, and parking lots.

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Cold Mix Asphalt

MC Cold Mix

A temporary cold mix patching material.

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UPM Bags


Is accepted as a permanent cold mix patching and repair material.

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Available in the Summer

Mix Aggregate
3/4 3/4"
1/2 1/2"
Custom 1/2 1/2"
Fines 1/4"
Sand sand
MC Cold Mix 1/2"
UPM 1/2"

Available in the Winter

Mix Aggregate
Hot Winter Asphalt 1/2", 3/4"
MC Cold Mix 1/2"
UPM 1/2"